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Santa Monica College Promise: Free Enrollment and Textbooks



News & Eligibility Requirements


Santa Monica College Promise Perks

SMC Promise offers many benefits to you...

How to Get Started

1. Apply to SMC

2. Complete the FAFSA or California Dream Act Application

SMC must receive your data before the beginning of the qualifying term.

3. Complete orientation, placement, and education planning

4. Opt-In to Receive SMC Promise by Deadline

You must manually opt-in in Corsair Connect in order to receive the SMCP. Only eligible students will see Promise Program information when logging into Corsair Connect. Once you accept the award by the stated deadline, you will qualify for the terms noted (see below).

Deadline to Accept SMC 2020-21 Promise Award

Note you only need to accept the SMC Promise once. You will automatically be eligible for the award for the terms noted below so long as you apply by the deadline and meet all eligibility requirements.

  • July 5. 2020: For Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring
  • September 13: For Fall, Winter, and Spring
  • January 19: For Winter and Spring
  • February 28: For Spring

5. Enroll in Classes

Enroll in a minimum of 12 units in Fall and Spring semesters. While summer and winter attendance is not mandatory, you must enroll full-time to qualify for free enrollment or book vouchers.