School Shows


The Andromeda GalaxyFree live online school programs!

We are now booking reservations for live ONLINE school programs for fall 2020. For a limited period we will provide these online programs free of charge.

Live school programs in the on-campus planetarium are suspended until further notice 

However, we wish to provide programming for K-12 educators and their students, so we experimented with presenting online programs using the Zoom platform during late spring 2020.

We are happy to announce that we will now book reservations for FREE fall 2020 programs.

We intend to return eventually to fee-based programs, but this will require time for some system setup.

The online shows — without the immersive environment of the planetarium theater — will be different. Our early efforts showed us that we need to keep these programs tightly focused and shorter than the typical 90-minute programs we presented to groups of 3rd grade students and above in the past. About 25 to 30 minutes for the basic program, plus another 15 to 20 minutes for Q&A, seems to work well for these students, with shorter programs for students in earlier grades.

Teachers know their classes, so we need teachers to be active partners in these programs, monitoring their students. Parents are welcome to sit in, but we ask that voice participation be from students and teachers only, except in special cases.

We will have a basic set of programs available to cover subjects in the relevant grade-level standards. The programs include topics such as Earth's place in the solar system, constellations, gravity, seasons, forces and interactions, matter and energy, etc.

One thing that is enjoyable is the ability to truly tailor these programs to the needs of individual educators. Feel free to contact me at the e-mail below to request a reservation or to discuss programming options and ideas. With our briefer programs, we are happy to focus on the particular areas of study your students are currently covering. We also enjoy lively Q&A and "connecting dots," with the educators deciding when to rein us in! 

Please have a range of preferred dates and days of week in mind, as well as approximate start times, and let us know when you e-mail your requests.  Please do NOT attempt to make requests via telephone - emails help avoid scheduling errors.

Jim Mahon
Senior Lecturer