Sustainable Transportation Incentive Programs



Receive up to $30 per month for doing the right thing!

SMC employees* who log commute trips at Corsair Commute can earn:

  • $15 per month for employees who use sustainable transportation 30%-49% of the time.
  • $25 per month for employees who use sustainable transportation 50%-74% of the time.
  • $30 per month for employees who use sustainable transportation 75%-100% of the time.

Quarterly Prize Drawing: Employees who qualify for a Sustainable Transportation Incentive for three consecutive months within the fiscal year quarter will be entered in a Quarterly Prize Drawing for that quarter. The prize drawing will be a total of $200.00 in gift certificates, distributed among four prize winners ($50 each). Winners will be selected at random. Gift certificates will be facilitated and distributed by the Center for Environmental and Urban Studies.

*Temporary employees can not receive this benefit but those who are still on probation can. To ensure eligibility for all, please inform us of your start date prior to submitting your first trip. ceus@smc.edu

For more information, see Alternative Transportation FAQ

Be, Ride, Get, Green

If you bike, walk, carpool, or bus to SMC on a regular basis then you could be eligible for a monthly incentive ranging from $15-$30. The SMC Sustainable Transportation incentive program is part of SMC's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and achieving a state-mandated target Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR). Basically, the more people taking alternative transportation the better!

Register with the new online system today to start logging your commutes and receiving your monthly incentive. Paper copies of the sustainable transportation subsidy claim form only accepted for employees without access to a computer. Corsair Commute.