Postmaster Information


Santa Monica College Postmaster

Instructions for new e-mail users.


  1. Logging in:
    1. Your network logon account username (truncated to 20 characters) is <surname>_<firstname>
      (Note the use of the UNDERSCORE or shifted-hyphen character)
    2. Your password is (initially) SMC- plus the last four digits of your Social Security number
      (i.e., the capital letters "SMC" plus a hyphen symbol plus the last four digits of your SSN (e.g., SMC-1234)
      Security requirements and instructions on how to change it.
    3. Your domain is SMC
  2. Your E-mail address:

    Your e-mail address is your username + (i.e., <surname>_<firstname>

  3. Checking your E-mail:
    1. Use the e-mail program your department uses (Outlook or Exchange) to connect to the e-mail server
    2. You can also access your e-mail via your web browser by logging in at
  4. Checking your Class Roster:
    1. Access your class roster by clicking the "Class Rosters" link at
    2. Your class roster username (and password) is the same as your network logon account.
    3. If you have further questions about the Class Roster service, contact the MIS department
      Via e-mail at
      By phone at Extension 3010
  5. Email policies:
    1. Use e-mail for work-related communications (Personal use must not unduly consume resources or distract attention from your work)
    2. Keep the total size of all your messages within your quota (currently, about 750MB)
      (Note: you will be unable to send e-mail as long as you have exceeded a 600MB prohibit-send quota)
      (Note: you must re-delete messages in your Deleted Items folder to permanently purge them)
  6. Getting help:
    1. For issues related to email, network accounts, faculty homepages and class rosters and grade submissions, contact