Student Support

Assessment Tests and Waivers


Assessment Test Requirements

All new incoming students are required to complete the Guided Self Placement for math and English prior to meeting with a counselor and completing their enrollment. Students who are guided to take the ESL Assessment must complete this step before meeting with a counselor. Placement results will assist counselors in guiding students into appropriate level courses. Students who will take the ESL Assessment are strongly advised to be prepared and well rested prior to taking their test.

Students who have taken ESL or English classes at another U.S. institution will also be required to complete the Guided Self Placement.

Students desiring to test out of Introductory Chemistry, Chemistry 10 may take the Chemistry 10 challenge exam. Check the Success and Engagement Center website for information and appointments. 

Preparing For the ESL Assessment Test

Information about the ESL assessment test and ways you can prepare can be found at the Success and Engagement Center website.  

Retaking Assessment Tests

Students may repeat the assessment tests only once after a two-week wait period.  Keep in mind that retesting will delay your enrollment due to the two-week wait period and may significantly affect the class offerings available to you.

Assessment Test Waivers

Students who have taken an English course at another U.S. institution will have their transcripts reviewed by a counselor to determine whether they can be waived the test.  Students are encouraged to bring a copy of their most current transcript, verifying their grades, along with a course syllabus to their meeting with a counselor.

Results of this review are generally given to students at the end of their new student Information Seminar session.  Students waived from the ESL test will be able to skip the assessment phase.In some cases, the level at other schools may not coincide with SMC’s levels and therefore, counselors may still advise students to take the assessment test. Students who did poorly at their previous school may also be advised to take the assessment test.

Counselors cannot input a waiver into the computer system without an official grade for the classes students are currently enrolled in.  Until then, the student may not be able to enroll into and ESL.  To avoid further delay in enrollment, students may choose to take the assessment test to release the assessment hold until their final grades are available.