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Law Pathway


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Santa Monica College's Law Pathway program fosters the skills needed to excel in a legal career. The Law Pathway program is designed to help SMC's traditionally underrepresented students that are interested in a legal career in becoming competitive applicants to law school.

New Students Interested in the Law Pathway Program

Thank you for your interest in the Santa Monica College Law Pathway Program.  Due to a series of conditions, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and SMC operating in a remote environment, as well as program restructuring, the Law Pathway Program will not accept applications for the 20/21 academic year. 

Please check this website in June 2021 for information regarding the 21/22 Law Pathway application, as well as dates and deadlines.


Continuing Law Pathway Student (currently in the program)

If you are currently in the Santa Monica College Law Pathway Program and you wish to communicate with the Law Pathway Counselor, please contact Teresa Garcia,

Benefits to Being a Law Pathway Student

  • Individual mentoring
  • Exposure to careers in law
  • Networking and learning opportunities
  • Leadership Training
  • Membership to the SMC Law Society
  • LSAT Test prep support
  • Priority admissions review at participating law schools

Participating Law Schools

Program Admission Priorities

  • Recommended ~3.0 GPA
  • 2-year commitment
  • Involvement in Pre-Law Society
  • Eligible for English 1
  • Traditionally underrepresented students

Course Requirements

Pre-Law Course of Study

Students in the program must complete the following course requirements:

  • COUN 20: Student Success Seminar, 3 units
  • ENGL 1: Reading and Composition, 1 unit
  • ENGL 2: Critical Analysis and Intermediate Composition, 3 units
  • MATH 54, Elementary Statistics, 4 units
  • POL SC 1: National and California Government, 3 units
  • HIST 11: United States History through Reconstruction, 3 units OR HIST 12: United States History Since Reconstruction, 3 units
  • COM ST 21: Argumentation, 3 units
  • POL SC 24: Intro to Law, 3 units OR BUS 5: Business Law and the Legal Environment , 3 units
  • POL SC 94: Law Experiential Learning, 0.5 unit