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MyEdPlan - Planning Your Future

An SMC counselor will help you plan your future.

Fulfilling Your CSU GE Requirements

An SMC counselor will help you understand the CSU GE pattern.

Fulfilling Your IGETC Requirements

An SMC counselor will help you understand the IGETC pattern.

Managing Your Time Instead Of It Managing You

An SMC counselor will help you with managing anxiety and provide test taking strategies.

How To Ace Your Final Exams - Tips & Techniques

An SMC counselor will provide tips and techniques on how to ACE your finals.

What is MyEdPlan?

MyEdPlan is an award-winning, online, education planning tool that allows you to:

  • Create and edit an education plan on your own anytime!
  • Plan your courses for future terms.
  • Track your progress toward your goal as you meet major/program/degree requirements.
  • Submit your ed plan for review by a counselor directly from MyEdPlan.
  • Meet the educational planning requirements for enrollment, including priority enrollment.

MyEdPlan Features

MyEdPlan possesses many features and is also constantly being worked on to make it better. Here are some of its key components:

MyEdPlan Wizard

  • Guides you step-by-step in creating an ed plan on your own as you answer some questions.
  • Once you add courses, you can submit your ed plan for review by a counselor directly from MyEdPlan! Simply, click on the ‘Request Review’ tab.

My Degree Audit

  • Automatically looks at your academic records to assess your progress
  • Checks your eligibility for courses in real-time and accounts for them as you add courses to your ed plan.

My Progress Summary

  • Graphically displays your progress related to your major, general education, units applied toward degree or transfer.

MyEdPlan by Term

  • Shows the classes you have added to your ed plan on any given term.
  • Using the drag-and-drop functionality, you can re-arrange your courses anytime; the course prerequisite engine will ensure you properly sequence your courses.

Meet with a Counselor

You can also meet with a counselor to discuss your MyEdPlan. It is recommended to help make sure you're on the right track.

Meet with a Counselor

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