Dec 1

Understanding SMC Fees and How to Pay for College

5 p.m. - 6 p.m. Online
Understanding SMC Fees and How to Pay for College

The Winter 2021 payment deadline is December 16! Are you ready for it?

Did you know that some fees can be waived? Or that SMC offers access to over $50 MILLION dollars in financial assistance?

Join Admissions, Financial Aid, and Cashier's Office staff for a free webinar to find out how to save hundreds, if not thousands, on your education, including how to be eligible for free tuition.

You’ll learn these essentials and more: understanding your SMC fees, how to save money, why deadlines are important, managing your account, financial assistance, including financial aid, the SMC Promise and CCPG (these are important, learn why), refunds...

We will also explain how to contact us, and how to follow up with future questions.

SMC is here for you, learn how!

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