Admissions & Aid

Tuition, Fees & Payment Deadlines



  • Starting Fall 2020, nonresident tuition increases by $5 per unit to $305.
  • Starting Summer 2020, a $2 Student Representation fee will be charged, as required by law. However, students may opt-out directly on Corsair Connect.
  • 5/12/20: Effective Fall 2020, the health insurance fee increases for international students (F-1 visa). See below for new rates.
  • 3/9/20: Effective with summer 2020 classes, students will no longer be able to postpone enrollment fees. Fees must be paid by the term deadline and thereafter by midnight of the date whenever a new class is added.
  • Starting Winter and Spring 2020, the Health Fee will increase by $2 per term.

Payment and Fee Information

Types of Fees