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Faculty Class Roster/mProfessor

How do I login mProfessor?

Why can't I log into my account?

  1. Wrong Account Name - Make sure not to append to the username. Only lastName_firstName
  2. Wrong Password - If you receive an ‘invalid username/password’ error and are sure you entered everything correctly, please check whether your password has not expired. That’s normally the case. You can access PortalGuard to check it: . It will show you password expired message if that’s the case.

What's Preferred Name change?

If the student changes their preferred name in Corsair Connect, the faculty member of this course will receive the following email:

From: <>
Sent: Friday, February 12, 2021 2:56 PM
Subject: Your student is now using a Preferred/Affirmed First Name
Dear Instructor Lastname,
The student noted below has requested to use a Preferred/Affirmed First Name on Canvas and other class rosters available to you on mProfessor (e.g., Class Roster, Positive Attendance Roster, Midterm Placement, Grade Roster). This change should reflect within 24-hours. Note that under SMC policy, students may not use a preferred last name. Please make every effort to call the student by his/her/their Preferred/Affirmed name in class.
Class: ClassName
Section: 1234
Student ID | Preferred/Affirmed First Name + Last NameTo Be Shown on Canvas and Rosters | From: Legal First Name + Last Name |
112345 | Andrew Corsair | Aaron Corsair |
Thank you.

Admissions & Records

Faculty Flex Hours

Batch-email to your students?

The batch email feature in mProfessor was intentionally designed to send ‘individual’ emails to each student for privacy reasons; If they want a copy of this particular email, they can cc yourself. Many professors asked whether the email has gone through and that's a best practice. In addition, the system allows only 1 single file attachment; if you wish to send multiple attachments, then you need to zip the files together and attach the zip file.

Grade Change Form

If there's an issue opening the Grade Change Form in mProfessor or it's not properly loading, try to clear all browser cache and try it again. 
Note: The "Grade Change Form" option in mProfessor is just a link to a website maintained by the Admissions and Records Department. If the issue still persists, please contact them directly!