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  • ​​Canvas


    Canvas Training Opportunities

    For more information and support, contact


    This self-paced online training is available to all SMC Faculty and Staff which teaches the latest software, creative, and business skills through high-quality online instructional videos featuring recognized industry experts. You may request an account by contacting Waleed Nasr or at Ext. 4398.

    We have a fixed number of licenses that need to be administered to activate an account.

  • SharePoint

    The Santa Monica College website is powered by a ​Microsoft web application called SharePoint.  Listed below are helpful links for SMC users who already have access to the SharePoint platform:
    Sign In to SharePoint
    For all general questions, support and basic training.

  • Faculty Staff Technology Resources Center*

    The faculty & staff computer lab is located in the IT Building/Media Center. The lab contains both PC's and Mac's. MS Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome ​are all installed and ready for use. Image and OCR scanning is also available for faculty and staff.
    Contact Waleed Nasr at ext. 4398 for further information.
    Lab Hours are M-Th 7:30am - 7:30pm and F 7:30am - 5:00pm.
    Drop-In Help -- Drop in Thursdays, 1 - 3 pm, and get help for all things related to your computer.
    Edit your web page, manage your e-mail, scan pictures, create PDFs… we're here to help!

    *This lab is for current Santa Monica College faculty and employees only.