Over the past year, the SMC Network Services team has nearly quadrupled the wireless coverage at SMC, covering close to 95% of the campus as well simplifying the connection process.​

Even Easier Access

The simplest way to connect to the SMC wifi network requires only 3 steps:

  1. Select the smcwifi-open network from your device
  2. Open up your web browser
  3. Login with your SMC username and password

Stronger Security

For even stronger security, we offer a WPA2-Enterpirse Wi-Fi option.This more secure method requires a bit more configuration depending on your device, but it ensures that all of the data you transmit via Wi-Fi is encrypted. To use this more secure method, select the smcwifi-wpa network from your device and authenticate using your SMC username and password. Various devices and operating systems handle WPA setup differently. For specific instructions how to set up your particular equipment please consult the manufacturer of your device.​