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Student Life

Get Involved!

Being active on campus helps you build leadership skills; it motivates you to get involved and provides you with an opportunity to meet new people.

  • Associated Students
    The Associated Students is designed to provide students with an opportunity to get involved in the college. Through their involvement, students will gain valuable leadership skills which they can later use no matter where they go.

    To find out more about the associated students click on the link below.
  • Activity Hour
    The activity hour is a time designed to provide students with an opportunity to interact with one another, meet fellow peers, and simply get involved.  It takes place Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11:15 am - 12:45 pm. To learn more about the activities taking place contact the Associated Students office at (310) 434-4250 or check out the Associated Students bulletin board on campus.
  • Clubs
    The best way to get involved in student life is to join or start a club. Clubs range all the way from academics to cultural, religious, and political interests. To view a complete updated list of all the clubs on campus you can visit the Associated Students located on the 2 nd level of Cayton Center. Click on the link below to see a sample list of clubs.