​​​​​​​​​How to Join a Club

A good way to get involved at SMC is to join a club! See Forms & Documents below to see the latest club list and how to register a new club.

Most clubs meet or have events during activity hour on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 11:15am to 12:15pm. 

Club Awareness and Club Row events take place every fall and spring semester at the quad to help you learn more about clubs at SMC.

What is the ICC?

The Inter-Club Council is a body under the Associated Students of Santa Monica College.

The purpose of the Inter-Club Council shall be:

  • To promote student awareness of and participation in SMC clubs.

  • To establish coordination, communication and cooperation among the officially registered student clubs.

  • To promote the development of student leadership and service.

  • To promote campus and public awareness of Inter-Club Council activities.

The ICC is the voice of all your club members!

  • Each club has three elective ICC representatives (one of the reps. is the club president) who can represent the club during ICC meetings.

  • Only one ICC representative needs to be present to represent the club. 

  • Anyone can attend the ICC meetings it is an open meeting, but only the club's ICC representatives can represent the club during the ICC meetings.

  • The Inter-Club Council will hold ICC Elections in the Spring Semester, usually the last ICC meeting. 

  • All the Club ICC Representatives and Presidents are eligible to run for the three ICC Officer Positions. 

  • The 3 elected officers will become the ICC officers who will serve on the Associated Students Board of Directors. 

  • The A.S. Board of Directors' offices are located in the A.S. Office Cayton Center Room #202.

  • The ICC Officers are listed on the "A.S. Board of Directors" page.  

ICC Delegates' Calendar

The ICC Delegates' Calendar is for the club delegates and club presidents only. This calendar includes all relevant ICC Meetings, Packet Deadlines, and other important dates for ICC Delegates/Presidents of clubs.

ICC Forms and Documents

​​​​​Note:  for Associated Students forms go to FORMS & DOCUMENTS​.​

    1. PDF FileICC Constitution (Revised Fall 2013)

    2. ICC ORIENTATION​ - Info on:  What is the ICC, Policies, and How to Start a Club

    3. CLUB LIST - SPRING 2018​ (next update 3/14/18)

    4. ICC Club Registration Info & Deadlines Spring 2018 Flyer Read this flyer before using the club registration link below.

    5. ICC Club Registration Spring 2018 (this is a Link)

    6. SPRING 2018 CLUB ROW PACKET will be available around the  beginning of March 2018.

    7. ICC QUIZ - Club Officers​ (this is a Link) Must be taken and passed by the club president, club liaison, and club delegate, before the club can be installed. 

    8. ICC ADVISOR'S QUIZ​​ (this is a Link) If the club full-time advisor has been a club advisor for less than 3 years, s/he must take and pass the quiz before the club can be installed.

    9. PDF FileICC Club Constitution Form - if you are a new club or need to change your  club constitution, complete & submit with your club registration confirmation page.

    10. PDF FileICC Club Advisors Responsibilities Form

    11. PDF FileICC Club Special Account Instructions

    12. PDF FileICC Club Blank Minutes Form

    13. PDF FileICC Officer Roster Change Form. Do not use this form to register a club