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Santa Monica College|Student Services|Student Judicial Affairs|Who we are

Who we are

Program Description/Core Services

SJA is a place on campus for students and faculty to come to have problems solved, reach agreements and to gather information.  We take a positive, pro-active approach and provide information regarding student conduct, academic honesty and behavior and anger management.  We receive student referrals from faculty, staff, students and campus police.  Our staff consists of the Dean of Student Life/Campus Disciplinarian, a counselor, and one an administrative assistant.  The Ombudspersons are also part of our team; however they are located in another office and operate independently and confidentially although we regularly consult on various cases.
The Office of Student Judicial Affairs provides the following services:
  • Student Discipline which includes receiving incident reports, conducting investigations and interviews, making recommendations to students and teachers and facilitating the discipline appeals process when necessary.
  • Ombudsperson assists students with grade disputes and provides faculty-student mediations. 
  • Mediation and conflict resolution activities for students (individual or group)
  • Workshops and presentations for students and faculty
  • Working with individual department chairs and faculty to encourage referral of students on an as-needed basis in a timely manner. Referrals can easily be made filling out an online Referral Form.