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Santa Monica College|Student Services|Student Judicial Affairs|Our approach

Our approach


The Office of Student Judicial Affairs employs a variety of methods in adjudicating student discipline cases.  We work collaboratively with a variety of programs, services, and personnel in carrying out our Mission.


  • SJA works hand in hand with other student services programs, especially with Campus Police, College Counsel and The Center for Wellness and Well-being.
  • The Dean/Campus Disciplinarian has the responsibility of upholding Student Code of Conduct  AR 4410  and the Academic Code of Conduct  AR4411. The Disciplinarian also has initial authority to suspend students for Code violations.  
  • The Honor Code/Honor Council, AR 4412, provides leadership to the College Community in matters of academic honesty/integrity; the Dean serves as a member of the Council and chairs the Hearing Board when faculty or students bring issues of academic integrity to be adjudicated through an appeal process.
  • The Crisis Prevention Team , under the leadership of the Dean of Counseling and Retention, consists of a small group of campus leaders and the Dean/Campus Disciplinarian is an intrinsic part of that Team.  The goal is to provide training to faculty and staff on how to deal with difficult student issues; we also share highly confidential student cases to prevent campus crisis.
  • A main goal of SJA is to provide the faculty with the support they need when dealing with extremely challenging and disruptive students; we also support campus police in providing a safe learning environment for the entire campus community. We often utilize other student services such as Psychological Services, Academic Counseling, and DSPS.  Students may make complaints about fellow students and we will also mediate/investigate these complaints. 
  • It is important to note that SJA is part of the educational process for some SMC students.  The students that are referred to us can be assured that we take an educational approach to the judicial process.  The education and goal attainment for students shape our policies and procedures and students’ due process rights are respected.