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Santa Monica College is committed to providing a campus environment that is free from sexual misconduct and discrimination and where people understand their responsibilities to help prevent sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, stalking, and dating and domestic violence. Because we are all responsible for the safety of our community, the college provides faculty, staff, and students with valuable education and resources through orientation, student workshops, in-class training faculty and classified professional development days, departmental workshops, and online courses.

For information on training and education please contact the Title IX Office on (310) 434-4225.

Title IX Leadership Program for Students

PDF File of the Title IX Leadership Program for Students flierThis new program is being offered in the fall 2019 semester. It is an opportunity for you to became a leader in the area of Title IX and to create a network of like-minded students who do not tolerate any form of sexual harassment and sexual violence on campus or in the community.

The leadership program will involve attendance at five workshops. The first workshop will be the orientation and sign up. The remaining four workshops will cover topics that are current and related to what is happening on your campus today, as well as at a local, national and world events level. These workshops will be presented by experts in their field.

The culmination of the program for those who successfully complete the program will be a graduation ceremony and the presentation of a certificate from the Santa Monica College Board of Trustees.

Benefits for students:

  • A better understanding of a range of issues related to Title IX and unlawful discrimination.
  • Students will be able to connect with outside agencies.
  • College Application builder and should assist in transfer potential - many of the colleges (UCs, SCUs have existing Title IX and social justice programs on their campus.
  • Students have information which they can share.
  • Graduates of this program will be the students' other students look to for information.
  • They can become peer educators.
  • Assists and reinforces Guided Pathways especially for those who will become peer navigators.
  • Can be part of the student’s leadership training.

If you have any questions email Lisa Winter, Title IX Coordinator at or call (310) 434-4225 for further information.


Not Anymore for Community CollegeNot Anymore! Sexual Assault Prevention Training

Are you unsure how to get/give consent?

New online! Free for SMC Students, faculty, & Staff

You will learn about:

  • Affirmative consent
  • Bystander behavior
  • Verbal DefenceTypes of sexual misconduct
  • How to report and find support services

In-class training is available upon faculty request.

For more information, please contact Lisa Winter, Compliance Administrator/Title IX Coordinator (310) 434-4225

Bonus Modules!

  • Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Campus Leaders
  • International students

Start the Training

Getting started

The instructions are in 2 steps:

Step 1: Log on to Not Anymore

Step 2: You will be taken to the Not Anymore Account Setup Page. Follow the instructions provided. Remember the password you entered, so you can log out and pick up where you left off. If you run into problems taking or reentering the program, do not start over. Contact technical support through the HELP button and we will assist you.

If at any time you have general questions or concerns regarding the program requirements, please email your SMC Student Success™ contact


The training contains sensitive material involving sexual and interpersonal violence. While trigger warnings and resources are provided throughout the program, we understand such programming may be problematic for some viewers. Please contact the Center for Wellness and Wellbeing at (310) 434-4503 for confidential support or call the hotline 1-800-691-6003 available 24/7.

The following modules are being offered to students at SMC

  1. Not Anymore, this main and general online interpersonal violence prevention program will provide critical information about Consent/Sexual Assault, Bystander Intervention, Verbal Defense, Alcohol, Dating/Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment, Stalking and What to do if…
  2. Not Anymore for Alcohol and Other Drugs, this online interpersonal violence prevention and alcohol abuse prevention program will provide critical information about Consent, Bystander Intervention, Sexual Assault, Dating and Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Alcohols Effects on GPA and the Brain, and much more.
  3. Title IX Essentials for International Students, this online program designed to help international students better understand Title IX issues and how they relate to U.S. culture. It will provide critical information about Consent and various forms of interpersonal violence, the distinction between school policy and U.S. law, how U.S. law might differ from laws in your home country, and consequences of violations
  4. Campus Leaders, this online program designed for Greek life, athletes, and other campus organizations to help maximize their influence as members of leading campus organizations. The program provides at-risk groups with critical information on social pressures and gender roles, alcohol, reporting, bystander intervention/support, and setting the standard.

PDF FileDownload the "Not Anymore!" flier.

Beyond Sex Toolbox Series

PDF FileDownload the Fall 2019 Schedule

Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking
Date: Thursday, March 21, 2019
Time: 11:15 a.m. to 12:35 p.m.
Location: SCI 153

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault
Date: Thursday, April 4, 2019
Time: 11:15 a.m. to 12:35 p.m.
Location: SCI 153

Unconscious Bias – We all have it! We all do it! Why is this so bad?
Date: Thursday April 18, 2019
Time: 11:15 a.m. to 12:35 p.m.
Location: Cayton Center, 2nd Floor Lounge

Previous Schedules

In-Class Presentations

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Train the Trainer

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Bystander Behavior

  • What Is Bystander Behavior?
    Bystander Behavior is a social science model that predicts that most people are unlikely to help others in certain situations. A bystander is anyone who observes an emergency or a situation that looks like someone could use some help. They must then decide if they are comfortable stepping in and offering assistance. More information on Bystander Behavior.

Assembly Bill 620, designated contacts for LGBT college community

Assembly Bill 620 mandates "governing board[s] of each community college district to designate an employee at each of their respective campuses as a point of contact to address the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender faculty, staff, and students." The law, California Education Code Section 66271.2. continues and states that, "at a minimum, the name and contact information of that designated employee shall be published on the Internet Web site for the respective campus and shall be included in any printed and Internet-based campus directories."

The following people have been identified at SMC as those contacts:

Mike Tuitasi
Vice President, Student Affairs
Phone: (310) 434 4958, (310) 434 4389

Nate Donahue
Academic Senate President
Assistant Professor of Art History
Phone: (310) 434 4062

Lisa Winter
Compliance Administrator/Title IX Coordinator
Phone: (310) 434 4225

Transgender Community

  • SMC has a strong, inclusive and open history in supporting a diverse and intersectional community of students, faculty, and staff. We want to reaffirm our long-standing commitment to supporting all gender identities. More information on the Transgender Community at SMC.

SMC Resource Material

Brochures and posters are sent periodically to department offices for posting. For additional copies of brochures or posters, please contact the Office of Human Resources


What is Sexual Assault? Brochure Descrimination and Sexual Harrassment Brochure


Unlawful Discriminiation Poster What is Sexual Assault Poster What is Sexual Assault  

SMC Board Polices and Administrative Regulations

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