Mujer a Mujer: Thursday March 26th (11:15am-12:35pm; LS 105)
Noche de Familia : Tuesday, March 31st (6:00pm- 7:30pm; BUS 111)
Adelante Club: Tuesday, March 31st (11:15am-12:35pm; LS 117)
How to Deal w/Challenging Professors: Thurs, April 2nd (11:15am-12:15pm; LS 105)
Hombre a Hombre: Tuesday, April 7th
(11:15am-12:35pm; HSS 203)
Adelante Club: Tuesday, April 7th (11:15am-12:35pm; LS 117)
Mujer a Mujer: Thursday, April 9th (11:15am-12:35pm; LS 105)
Personal Finance Workshop: Tuesday, April 21st (11:15am-12:35pm; HSS 203)
Adelante Club: Tuesday, April 21st (11:15am-12:35pm; LS 117)
Intro to Banking and Careers in Banking Workshop: Wednesday, April 22nd (6:00pm-7:30pm; BUS 111)
"Politics of Culture: Mural Art & Censorship in LA": Thursday, April 23rd (11:15am-12:35pm;
Art 214)
Noche de Familia : Tuesday, April 28th (6:00pm- 7:30pm; BUS 111)
Adelante Club: Tuesday, April 28th (11:15am-12:35pm; LS 117)

Hombre a Hombre: Tuesday, May 5th (11:15am-12:35pm; HSS 203)
Adelante Club: Tuesday, May 5th (11:15am-12:35pm; LS 117)
Adelante Club: Tuesday, May 12th (11:15am-12:35pm; LS 117)
Workshop with Marisela: Wednesday, May 13th (6:00pm-7:30pm; HSS 150)
Mujer a Mujer: Thursday, May 14th (11:15am-12:35pm; LS 105)
Adelante Club: Tuesday, May 19th (11:15am-12:35pm; LS 117)
Noche de Familia : Wednesday, May 20th (6:00pm- 7:30pm; BUS 111)
Last Adelante Club Meeting: Thursday, May 21st (11:15am-12:35pm; LS 117)
Hombre a Hombre: Tuesday, May 26th (11:15am-12:35pm; HSS 203)


o Test Anxiety

o Mathematics - Managing Anxiety & Test Taking Strategies

o Stress Management

o Choosing a Major—Making a Major Move

o Managing Your Own Time Instead of Your Time Managing You

o Library:  Research Fast and Easy!

oFinancial Aid 101

oHow to Create an Award Winning Resume

Adelante students are required to participate in at least one Adelante Program workshop and one Student Services Calendar workshop from the list above. Workshop participation is mandatory to remain active in the program for the next semester. 
In order to satisfy the Adelante workshop requirement, please be on time and do not forget to sign the attendance sheet. In order to satisfy the Student Services Calendar requirement, please submit the verification of attendance tab to the Latino Center front desk.
Questions? Concerns? Call the Adelante Program/Latino Center at 310-434-4459.