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About the Adelante Program

The ADELANTE Program is a success-oriented program  focusing on academic achievement, transfer, cultural awareness, and personal growth.  Adelante classes emphasize verbal, written, and critical thinking skills essential to college success.  Classes accentuate the Latino experience within the context of the course subject, and most classes offer credits that are transferable to the UC and CSU systems. 

*In order to join the Adelante Program you must first attend an orientation session and a follow-up intake meeting. 

Program Benefits

  • Are eligible to enroll in Adelante classes

  • Receive follow-up from Latino Center counselors and other Center staff

  • Participate in classes with a large Latino enrollment

  • Join a Latino network

  • Become eligible for specially designated scholarships

  • Are placed on the Latino Center mailing list

Program Expectations

  • Maintain continuous SMC enrollment,

  • Meet with a Latino Center counselor twice each semester (once a semester if a continuing Adelante student with a cumulative GPA above a 2.0),

  • Follow the recommendations and referrals of Adelante and Latino Center faculty

  • Attend an Adelante workshop and a Student Services Calendar workshop each semester.

If you have any questions, reach us at (310) 434-4459

Program Staff 

        Maria LC.png        JT.jpg       IMG_06131.jpg
             Maria Martinez                                   Janet Tercero                      Jaazer Webster
      Adelante Program Leader       
    Student Services Assistant     Student Services Assistant    
      Veronica LC (2).png         20150917_081422-1-1.jpg  BC Website Photos 216.jpg
             Dr. Veronica Castillo                           Edwin Cruz                               Chris Baccus
                    Counselor                         Math Instructional Assistant                Counsoler
   ​DelValle.png          CG.JPG      Paul.jpg   
Patti del Valle                                      ​ Cristina Garcia                         Dr. Paul Jimenez                                     
Counselor                                         Career Counselor                            Counselor                           
                            rosaLC (2).png          Dr. Reinoso.png                                                                           
   Rosa Martinez                                Dr. Maria Reynoso​​​             
                                          Counselor                                            Therapist
If you have any questions, reach us at (310) 434-4459