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Model Syllabus

Model Syllabus Summary

Statement of Purpose

  • To foster clear instructor-student course communication pertaining to learning objectives, student outcomes and instructor expectations.  
  • To provide faculty with a model for building a course syllabus.

In 2014, the Academic Senate Professional Ethics and Responsibilities Committee updated the model syllabus.  See the following links.

Model Syllabus 2014
Model Syllabus Menu 2014​
In addition, the following Model Syllabus Package can be used to develop a new syllabus or to get ideas to add to your existing syllabus.

Contents of the Model Syllabus Package

Using the Model Syllabus Package

  1. The Syllabus Checklist by Area (Checklist) aids instructors that prefer building a syllabus “from the ground up”.  Instructors may choose to use some or all of the checklist items.  The Checklist is not exhaustive.  Therefore, an instructor may add items to their syllabus that are not included in the Checklist.
  2. The Sample Syllabus aids instructors who would like a model, by giving them a general template that they can use to begin their process.
  3. The Helpful Hints list provides additional topics an instructor may choose to address in their syllabus.  This list is not exhaustive.  Therefore, the instructor may add items to their syllabus that are not included in the Checklist