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HC Membership

Honor Council Membership

Greg Brookins, Chair
Accounting (faculty)

Deyna Hearn, Dean of Student Life
 Honor Council, Co Chair
Honor Board, Chair
Members and Interested Parties
  • Fran Chandler Academic Senate President (faculty-interested party)
  • Mary Fonseca-English (faculty)
  • Joanne Laurance-English (staff)
  • Debra Levitt-ESL (faculty)
  • ‚ÄčDebra Locke-EOPS (staff)

  • Emily Lodmer-ESL (faculty)
  • Anne Powers-Library (faculty)
  • Matthew Stivener-ESL (faculty-interested party)
  • Tamorah Thomas-Performing Arts Center (staff - interested party)
  • Esau Tovar- Admissions & Records
    Interim Dean (interested party)