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Honor Council Cases Heard & Outcomes

Listed below are summaries for academic dishonesty cases adjudicated by the SMC Honor Council Hearing Board. Case summaries and outcomes are included for education purposes only and all identifying information has been removed.

  • Case Number:  20081-1
    Violation:  Honor Code, Honesty Principle

    Pleading:  Guilty

    Summary of Charges:  Student obtained add code to enroll in a course without the instructor's authorization.

    Finding:  Charges upheld

    Sanctions:  Enrollment in spring 2008 limited to 9 units; Enrollment in Counseling 20; Enrollment in Philosophy 2 (Ethics) or Philosophy 5 (Contemporary Moral Conflicts)


  • Case Number:  20081-2
    Violation:  Honor Code, Honesty Principle; Fraud.

    Pleading:  Guilty.

    Summary of Charges:  Student fabricated an enrollment report to verify enrollment in a math classs and attempted to defraud instructor by arguing he was officially enrolled.

    Finding:  Charges upheld.

    Sanctions:  Transcript notation to reflect academic dishonesty in course; Enrollment in Philosophy 2 (Ethics) or Philosophy 5 (Contemporary Moral Conflicts) in fall 2008; required to produce a chapter by chapter critical analysis of The Cheating Culture.

  • Case Number:  20082-1
    Violation:  Academic Dishonesty: Copying from other student in final

    Pleading:  Not Guilty

    Summary of Charges:  Student accused of copying answers to a final exam from another student. Instructor assigned grade of "0" for final and "D" for course based on overall performance. Student requested hearing.

    Finding:  Charges upheld

    Sanctions: Transcript notation to reflect academic dishonesty; Enrollment in fall 2008 limited to 13 units; Enrollment in Philosophy 2 (Ethics) or Philosophy 5 (Contemporary Moral Conflicts) in fall 2008;


  • Case Number:  20082-2
    Violation:  Academic Dishonesty/Fraud

    Pleading:  Guilty

    Summary of Charges:  Student admitted to having attempted to sell a seat in a math course for $50, posting such information on a website. Student initially placed on disciplinary probation with the understanding that he would meet with Hearing Board to determine readmission to college for fall 2008 semester. Student requested hearing.

    Finding:  Hearing Board finds student did not present adequate evidence of readiness to return to the college. Student given the opportnity for readmission hearing for spring 2009 semester.

    Sanctions:  As condition for readmission, student must take Philosophy 2 (Ethics) or Philosophy 5 (Contemporary Moral Conflicts) upon readmission.