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Meet the Tea​m

​​Nick Mata, Director of Special Programs
Debra Joseph Locke, EOPS/CARE Supervisor
Jenny Trickey, Child Care Supervisor​​
Gina Brunell, Administrative Assistant
Aaron De La Torre, Student Services Specialist
Christina Fuller, Student Services Specialist
Jeremy Newman, Student Services Clerk
Marcia Merritt-Williams, Student Services Clerk
Jackie Del Banco, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Rosilynn Tilley, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Eric Barnard, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Julie Greenfield, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Lisa Roper, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Maibe Banuelos, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Philip Lantz, EOPS & Guardian Scholars Counselor
Stephanie Hall, Guardian Scholars Counselor
Sergio Belloso, DREAM Counselor
Audrey Sandoval, CalWORKs Counselor
Juliana Parker, CalWORKs Counselor