​Learning Disabilities Assessment

The Santa Monica College Learning Disabilities Program is designed to provide support services to students with learning disabilities who are enrolled in regular college classes.​

Before a student can receive these support services, he/she must be evaluated to determine eligibility for the program. This evaluation is usually achieved in an 8-week Assessment Workshop. During this time, students discover their learning strengths and weaknesses through a series of tasks. Both academic and thinking skills are assessed during this process. The Learning Disabilities Specialist will interpret testing results and make individual recommendations on how to improve learning and study strategies.

Test results will be compared to guidelines provided by the State of California, in accordance with federal mandates, to determine whether a student qualifies for on-going support services ​as a learning disabled student.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to receive services from the Learning Disabilities Program, students must demonstrate:

  • Average to above-average intelligence
  • Severe processing deficit
  • Severe aptitude-achievement discrepancy
  • Measured academic achievement
  • Functional limitations

To make an appointment to discuss this with a Learning Disabilities Specialist, please call (310) 434-4684. ​Make sure to print the Application and Intake Screening Form for support services to fill-out before your appointment.


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