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A Message from the LD Program​


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Thank you for your interest in the Learning Disability Program. The challenges of the current pandemic have necessitated that we operate differently to provide the necessary support to help students succeed in their classes. To better understand the changes we have made, please watch the "How To" videos below that outline the most efficient ways for new and continuing students to access our services. 

This is a challenging time but it is also an opportunity for all of us to find new and perhaps better ways to meet our goals. It's an opportunity to develop new and creative processes to improve our work product. It's an opportunity to discover new tools that will better equip us to meet future challenges and invest in learning new technologies. Don't be afraid to meet the challenges of today. You can do it! You will be stronger for it. And we are here to help. If you have any questions please contact us at:

Phone:  310-434-4684 (leave name and callback number)

​​Email: LD@smc.edu​​​

​Information for New Students with Documented Disability


Transcript for New Students with Documentation Video

Short Intake Form/Application for the LD Program

Student's Rights and Responsibilities​​

​Information for Continuing Students in the Learning Disabilities Program


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For continuing students: please contact LD@smc.edu  to receive accommodations for your current classes at Santa Monica College. We are only processing requests for the current semester. If you would like to request accommodations for a future course that has not yet begun, please wait until the day the course starts to send us an email.  

Make sure and provide your instructor's first name (or first initial), instructor's last name, section number, and course name along with your student identification number when emailing us your request.


​​​Information for Students Interested in the Learning Disabilities Assessment  ​


Transcript for Students Interested in Assessment Video

Short Intake Form/Application for the LD Program

Student's Rights and Responsibilities​​​

Our Mission

The Santa Monica College Center for Students with Disabilities - Learning Disabilities (LD) Program is designed to provide support services to students with learning disabilities who are enrolled in college classes.

These goals are met by the following:

  • Screening, testing and providing certification of learning disabilities according to state guidelines.

  • Developing individual plans and recommending appropriate academic accommodations to provide academic equity for students with learning disabilities.

  • Teaching compensatory learning strategies and fostering awareness of students' learning strengths and weaknesses.

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If you are interested in being a part of the Learning Disabilities Program and are currently enrolled into at least one course at Santa Monica College, please fill out our Application and Intake Screening Form​ and ​​ Students Rights and Responsibilities Form. Once both of the forms are completed, email the copies to LD@smc.edu​ and request to make an appointment with a Learning Disabilities Specialist.