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Pablo Picasso's Mediterranean Landscape, 1953

Painting by Pablo Picasso. "Picasso was dyslexic, a learning disability which flipped the orientation of letters and words in his brain. Picasso's paintings depicted what he saw, and his dyslexia was no doubt an influence to his famous artwork." (via  umich.edu)

Our Mission

The Santa Monica College Disabled Student Program and Services - Learning Disabilities (LD) Program is designed to provide support services to students with learning disabilities who are enrolled in college classes.

These goals are met by the following:

  • Screening, testing and providing certification of learning disabilities according to state guidelines.

  • Developing individual plans and recommending appropriate academic accommodations to provide academic equity for students with learning disabilities.

  • Teaching compensatory learning strategies and fostering awareness of students' learning strengths and weaknesses.

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Contact & Location

If you are interested in being a part of the Learning Disabilities Program and are currently enrolled into at least one course at Santa Monica College, visit the Student Services Building 3rd Floor (S370): Map​​​​ or call us at (310) 434-4684 to make an appointment to see a Learning Disabilities Specialist.

Once an appointment is made, print out the Application and Intake Screening Form for support services and have it filled out before your appointment.