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Computer and Adaptive Devices at High Tech Center

        * Screen reading software
              - Provides speech output of documents for students with visual impairment and/or learning disabilities
        * Magnification software
              - for students with visual impairments
        * Voice recognition software
              -allows input into computer by talking rather than typing
        * Scan and read technology
              - Scans printed material into the computer, which reads it out loud.
        * Braille translation software
              - translates computer documents into braille
        * Braille printer
              - prints out the documents above in braille
        * On-screen keyboard
              - for those who can use a mouse rather than type on a keyboard
        * Alternative input devices (e.g., trackballs, glide pads, joy stick)
              - provides computer access for students who cannot use a keyboard or voice input
        * Operating systems visual, auditory and keyboard adaptations
        * Ergonomic Aids such as adjustable tables, chairs, footstools, etc.
        * Copy holders with line guides
   In addition to providing the computer equipment, the High Tech Training Center staff teaches students how they can use technology to compensate for any educational limitations caused by their disabilities.