​​Dear Students: Counseling services are closed Friday-Sunday during the Summer 2020 session.  Please post your online inquiries Mon-Thursday.

Thank you for your patience!  The SMC Counseling Department​

Online Counseling

This service is available to assist you in answering counseling related questions. A list of  “Frequently Asked Questions” which address a variety of topics may provide the information or answer to your question/s.

Online Video Counseling

Online Video Counseling available on a limited basis! This service is available for students who would like to speak with a counselor but cannot come to campus. To participate in video counseling, you must have access to an electronic device, preferably a laptop or desktop, with video and microphone capability. Additionally, you must download a free app called Zoom and test your device prior to the appointment. To schedule this appointment or for more information, please call 310-434-4210 or visit General Counseling and Transfer Services. Once this appointment is scheduled, you will receive a detailed email confirmation at your SMC student email with specific steps to take to join.

Video Express Counseling

Video Express Counseling through Zoom now offered on a limited basis.  What is express counseling? Express counseling is for quick questions (for example, some prerequisite waivers, unit increase requests or general transfer questions) and sessions are ten minutes. Video Express Counseling is not for education plans or transcript evaluation. You must have an SMC student ID number and a photo ID available. If you need more than 10 minutes, you will be referred to the General Counseling and Transfer Services queue.

Participate in a MyEdPlan Online Workshop

MyEdPlan is an online education planning tool that allows you to: create and edit an education plan on you own anytime; plan your courses for future terms; track your progress toward your goal as you meet major/program/degree requirements; submit your education plan for review by a counselor directly from MyEdPlan; and meet the educational planning requirements for enrollment, including priority enrollment.

Request a Preliminary Transcript/Exam Score Online Evaluation

If you have completed coursework at another college or university or have Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or CLEP scores, it is very important that you have the coursework evaluated by a Santa Monica College counselor. The evaluation will determine if the courses satisfy general education requirements for transfer to UC or CSU campuses, or for an SMC degree.

Request a Prerequisite Course Waiver

The Santa Monica College courses listed below have a computer enforced prerequisite. If you have completed the prerequisite course at another accredited college with a grade of ‘C’ or better, or satisfied the prerequisite course by an Advanced Placement Exam Score of ‘3’ or better submit a request for a prerequisite course waiver.

  • All math classes, except math 50 and 81
  • All English courses;  ESL 11A, ESL 11B, ESL 21A, and ESL 21B;
  • Chemistry 11, 12, 21, 22, and 24 (non-math prerequisites); Physics 7, 9, 22, 23, 24 (non-math prerequisites);
  • Anatomy 1, Microbiology 1, Nursing 17, Physiology 3, Biology 21, 22 and 23;
  • Early Childhood Education  21 and Early Childhood Education 22, Film 32 and Film 33

For all other courses that have a prerequisite, it is recommended that you be prepared to provide a transcript of the successful completion of the prerequisite course on the first day of class should the instructor ask.