Spring 2020 Resume Drop-In Hours​​

​IMPORTANT NOTE: Resume help is being moved from drop-in to appointments.​ Please call us at 310-434-4337 to make an appointment.​

Step 1: Find a Job

Start looking at job descriptions and build your experience!

PDF FileGeneral job database and experience building resource guide.

Step 2: Build Your Resume

PDF FileReview general resume building guidelines recommended section titles & content.

Free online resume building and evaluation tools:

You can get started writing a resume for through http://www.resume.com, a free website that turns a resume template into a word document.

Sample resumes to download:

Microsoft Word Documentgeneral resume template

Microsoft Word DocumentResume template with sidebar

Sample resumes to view:

IT Resume Samples

Graphic Design Resume Samples

PDF FileEarly Childhood Education

Action Verbs:

The language we use on resumes to describe the work we have done should start with an action verb. Please feel free to refer to a list of action verbs to help you frame your experience in a way that will impress employers.

Step 3: Build your portfolio

An important tool to have as you job search in any creative industry is your portfolio.

Review our PDF Fileguide to creating a portfolio for tips on what to include.

Step 4: Write your cover letter

It will never hurt your chances of getting a job to send a cover letter, but it may very well hurt your chances of getting the job if you do not include it.

Review our PDF Fileguide to writing a cover letter for tips on what to include in your cover letter.

​Step 4: Create your references list

Companies ask for references to verify the information included on your resume and get insight into your character.

Review our PDF Fileguide for providing references for tips on how to create your reference list.