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ElimiMajor is an exercise developed by the staff of Santa Monica College's Career Services Center. As career professionals we have learned that students may not know what they want to choose as a major, but they always know what they DON'T want as their major. You will have the opportunity to identify majors that you are NOT interested in, and circle the majors that you are interested in.

Figure Out Your Major with ElimiMajor

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Creating an Ac​​count

  1. ​​Create an account with Activation Code: CA01218.
  2. Choose Santa Monica College as your school.
  3. Please make sure to record your Account Name and Password​.
  4. Make sure to check the box if you agree to the privacy policy and terms of the site​

​​​Exploring the Site

  1. Go to Career Planning (in the menu bar)
  2. Then go to Explore Careers (in the menu bar)
  3. Type a Career title in the “Search for” Box
    Select a letter of the alphabet for a list of careers that begin with that letter
    Select a category in the “Browse Career Clusters” and select a career from the list
  4. Once you have selected a career that fits your interests you can read about money, outlook, related careers and education, etc.

Career Coach​

Just enter a keyword of whatever career suits your interest and quickly learn about employment prospects in the field, job opportunities, income potential, related degrees, and the education and training available at Santa Monica College. Get started today on your road to a new future and give it a try.

Career Exploration Resources

Careers For Students in This Major...

This website links academic majors to career alternatives by providing information on career paths and sample job titles.

Please click here on the link to view: Careers For Students in This Major...

What Can I Do With This Major?

Provide summaries for majors, sample job titles, possible employers, professional associations, and resources for finding employment.​

Please click here on the link to view What Can I Do With This Major​​​?

California Career Zone

After high school and college you will need to work to pay for housing, transportation, clothes etc. Find out how much money you will need.

Please click here on the link to view California Career Zone​

California Career Cafe

A place where you can explore occupations, map out a career pathway, gain valuable insight from experts and be inspired, learn how to connect with professionals, and resources in finding a job or internship!

Please click here on the link to view: California Career Cafe

Inside Career Info

Tips for people considering the career, best and worst aspects of the career, job tasks and everyday responsibilities, getting a job, and education and degrees required. Click on “all careers” on left side of page at bottom of list of careers.

Please click here on the link to view: Inside Career Info

Candid Career

Candid Career allows you to select from thousands of career video interviews to learn about what professionals do in a wide variety of careers.

Please click here on the link to view: Candid Career

O*Net Online

Has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, students, researchers, and more! Click on “find occupations”.

Please click here on the link to view: O*Net Online

My Next Move

Search for information about hundreds of jobs based on key words, by industries, or not sure. You can take a quick assessment to obtain a list of possible careers to explore.

Please click here on the link to view: My Next Move.

​​​Salary Surfer

Salary Surfer helps you make important decisions about investing time and money in your college education.  It provides information about the earnings of recent California community college graduates who received an award in a specific program of study.

Please click here on the link to view: Salary Surfer​