Don't Forget This Day

Mark your calendars. It's that time of year where we recognize the ones who manage the managers.

April 26th is Administrative Professionals Day.

Behind every successful executive or manager, there is the ultimate multi-tasking, negotiating, organizing, master scheduling, protecting, event planning, crisis managing, psychological counseling, administrative professional.

Sometimes they serve one person. Sometimes they serve many. Certain administrative professionals direct legions of other administrative professionals.

Administrative professionals know how to get things done. Often, we know not how and it's better not to ask. A good one is worth your weight in gold and hard to find.

This is also a good time to remind job seekers that administrative professionals are the gate keepers. They can put your resume on top of the pile… or in the circular file. Always be kind and attentive to receptionists, assistants and other administrative professionals in person, on the phone and by email. Holster that cell phone, make eye contact and be convivial.

With administrative professionals, don't condescend, it's better to befriend. Managers frequently consult assistants and receptionists about interview candidate behaviors before final hiring decisions.

Same goes for people making sales calls or trying to arrange alliances and partnerships. Present your business card to the administrative professionals, as well as your meeting contacts.

What are you doing for Administrative Professionals Day? A special lunch out or a lunch ordered in is nice. A personal gift or a gift card is thoughtful. Time off works, too. And the rest of the year, a kind word or occasional written note of appreciation goes a long way.

Remember, their finesse often determines your success.


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