​​​​Couns​eling 12 FAQs

1. What is Counseling 1​2?​

​The Counseling 12 course is designed to inform and assist students in making appropriate and satisfying career choices. Using self-evaluation instruments, students identify interests, abilities, values, and goals. Skills necessary for future career investigation and decision-making are included. 

It is an 8-week, 1-unit course that is transferrable to the CSU.​​​

2. How is Counseling 12 different from Counseling 20?​​​​​​

​Counseling 20 is a Student Success Seminar, so you cover material that is more related to how to be a successful college student.  Counseling 12 is about how to make intentional decisions about your major and career path. In this class, we help you interpret career assessment results and discuss possibilities for what you want your life to look like in the future.  While there are a few classes in Counseling 20 that cover career and major decisions, Counseling 12 is solely focused on helping you explore career paths and choose a major.

3. Can I take Counseling 12 during an intersession?

​Yes!  Of course you can!  We offer Counseling 12 in all semesters. The only difference is that the class is 6 weeks for Winter and Summer semester as opposed to 8 weeks for Fall and Spring semester.

​4. This sounds like an awesome class!  Sign me up!​​

View the Schedule of Classes to view upcoming offerings of Counseling 12. We look forward to seeing you in class!