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CalWORKs Work-Study Program




Please note that CalWORKs Work Study Services are only for CalWORKs recipients (those students who are receiving cash aid from the Department of Social Services). For general work study inquiries not related to CalWORKs, please contact the Career Services Center for more information. The Career Services Center is located in Library Village Room #161 and can be reached at 310-434-4337.


CalWORKs Work-Study

Work study is work performed by students on campus.  It can be in an office, a lab, on the college grounds, or working with a faculty or staff member.  The current rate of pay is $10.00 per hour and students may work up to 20 hrs. per week.  The following programs at Santa Monica College permit students to do work study on campus: CalWORKs Work-Study, Federal Work Study, and Student Help.


Students in the CalWORKs Program are referred by a CalWORKs counselor to Jenny Trickey, Work Study coordinator.   She facilitates student employment procedures, manages budget requirements, monitors student payroll, and completes student employment verifications.  The initial student appointment is to assess work skills and start job search.  Whenever possible work study placement is related to students' educational goals.

To work under CalWORKs Work Study students must be enrolled in at least 6 units for Spring and Fall semesters and in at least 3 units for Winter and Summer sessions.

Students may work up to 20 hrs. per week during Spring and Fall semesters, and up to 30 hrs. per week during Winter and Summer Sessions.  The scheduled work hours of a student are based on the needs of the hiring department.


Federal Work-Study

To work under Federal Work Study students must be enrolled in at least 3 units for Spring and Fall semesters.  Check with the Financial Aid Office for Winter and Summer session unit requirements.  These jobs are funded through the Federal Work-Study Program, a federal financial aid program obtained by completing the FAFSA application and eligibility.  If eligible, students are awarded federal work study funds by the Financial Aid Office for the current fiscal year.


Student Help

To work under Student Help students must be enrolled in 6 units or more during Spring and Fall semesters.  Winter and Summer session regulations vary according to the number of units completed the previous semester.  These jobs are funded by the hiring department.


Income Reporting

CalWORKs students working on campus must report their earned income in their CW-7 Form.  Income earned through CalWORKs Work Study is exempt for cash aid calculation.  However, it must be reported every month.


Disabled Student Program Requirements

Disabled students must provide a letter from the Disabled Student Office stating how many units the student would carry during the Fall and Spring semesters. The student must carry at least 1 unit to work during Winter or Summer sessions.


For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Jenny Trickey, 310-434-8526 or  

Office Location: Liberal Arts, Room 219