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About Us

Student Life Advisors and Staff 

Dr. Nancy Grass, Associate Dean, Student Life
Benny Blaydes, AS Lead Counselor & ICC Advisor
Veronica Casillas,  AS Adjunct Counselor
Jeff Gordon, AS Adjunct Counselor
Amelia Trejo, Administrative Assistant II
Michele Harrison, Administrative Assistant I

Associated Students Board of Directors

The A.S. BOARD OF DIRECTORS consists of 16 student leaders. Your AS BOARD OF DIRECTORS are elected by SMC students every year in the Spring Semester.

The board's main responsibilities is to represent student interests to SMC administration and to approve spending AS funds. The AS Budget comes from the $19.50 AS Membership Sticker fee, that you pay during registration every semester or session.

So, knowing who your AS representatives are and what they do is important to make the best use of your money to serve the interests of the students of Santa Monica College.

The AS Meetings are "public meetings," therefore anyone can attend the meetings.  Stop by and attend some AS Meetings to find out what your board is doing for the students of SMC.  See below meeting flyer.

If you are an AS Member ($19,50 sticker)- you may get involved in your student government in various ways, either through AS Positions or ICC Clubs.  See our flyer titled Student Leadership Opportunities below.  Applications for the various positions are found in our "Forms & Documents" page.  

LIST OF AS DIRECTORS & AS MEETINGS (available 8/2016)​