Steven Perea 1.jpgDegree/Certificate: AA-Political Science SMC

Extracurriculars: President's Ambassador, Scholars Programs, PTK, AGS, Honor Council,

Transfer College: UCLA

After high school I worked in our family business for nine years. When I finally found the opportunity to returning to college, I chose SMC for its transfer reputation. I have not been disappointed!

At SMC you have the ability to build any life you desire. I was accepted to Columbia, Berkeley, UCSD, & UCSB. I'm also a 2017/18 Point Foundation CC Scholar (an LGBTQ+ scholarship I found at SMC).

SO: My Presidents Ambassadors fam! They're some of the greatest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. They are diverse, kind, welcoming, and driven, all characteristics I aspire to emulate.