​​​​​​​Human Resources Main Phone Number

(310) 434-4415

Fax Number

(310) 434-4256

Staff Directory

Interim Vice President of Human Resources Sherri Lee-Lewis
Member of SMC's Executive Team, leads the District’s Human Resources functions.
(310) 434-4419lee-lewis_sherri@smc.edu
Interim Dean of Human Resources Tre'Shawn Hall-Baker
Academic Recruitment, Employment Operations, District-FA Contract
(310) 434-4170​hallbaker_treshawn@smc.edu
Assistant Director of Human Resources (Temporary) Michael Hudson, Sr.
Unlawful Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Employee-Labor Relations, Collective Bargaining Agreements
(310) 434-4981                   hudson_michael@smc.edu

Title IX Administrator/Compliance Coordinator Lisa Winter
Title IX Complaints, Investigations, Compliance Coordination
(310) 434-4225winter_lisa@smc.edu
Administrative Assistant III (Confidential) Laurie B. Heyman
Assistant to Vice President of H.R.
(310) 434-4987heyman_laurie@smc.edu
Administrative Assistant IIDawn Noguera
Assistant to Dean, Human Resources
(310) 434-4881noguera_dawn@smc.edu
Administrative Clerk James Goodlow
Assistant to Human Resources Office
(310) 434-4415goodlow_james@smc.edu
H.R. Analyst, Employee & Labor Relations - WOC 
Rebecca (Becky) Weiland
Labor Relations, Unlawful Discrimination & Sexually Related Complaint Investigations, Professional Development

H.R. Analyst, Employee & Labor Relations (Confidential) Vacant
Labor Relations, Unlawful Discrimination & Sexually Related Complaint Investigations, Professional Development

H.R. Technician Delia Padilla-Acosta
Classified Managers, Classified Employees, Confidential Employees, Academic Recruitment
(310) 434-4417padilla-acosta_delia@smc.edu
H.R. SpecialistKathleen Colimitras
Adjunct Faculty, Non-Merit Employees, Student Workers, Verification of Employment, Academic Recruitment
(310) 434-4643colimitras_kathleen@smc.edu

H.R. Specialist Alan Kuykendall
Administrators, Full-Time & Adjunct Faculty, Non-Merit Employees, Student Workers, Academic Recruitment
(310) 434-4986kuykendall_alan@smc.edu

H.R. SpecialistLori Thomas
​Adjunct Faculty, Non-Merit Employees, Verification of Employment, Unemployment, Academic Recruitment
​​(310) 434- 4205​thomas_lori@smc.edu
H.R. Specialist Debra Willoughby
HR processing related to Temporary, Non-merit and Adjunct Faculty employment, employment verifications, unemployment, academic recruitment, and student employment.​
(310) 434-4760willoughby_deborah@smc.edu
H.R. Analyst, ​Leaves and Benefits Lugina Rogers
Leaves of Absence, Medical/Disability, Workplace Accommodations, Health and Voluntary Benefits
(310) 434-4060rogers_lugina@smc.edu
Employee Benefits CoordinatorAlysha Lascalza
Employee/Retiree Health, Voluntary Benefits
​on leave
(310) 434-4523
On Leave​
Employee Benefits SpecialistVacant
Employee/Retiree Health, Voluntary Benefits


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