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To be a global citizen, one is knowledgeable of peoples, customs and cultures in regions of the world beyond ones own; understands the interdependence that holds both promise and peril for the future of the global community; and is committed to combining one’s learning with a dedication to foster a livable, sustainable world.

Global Citizenship as defined by the Global Citizenship Committee, April 2018

Global Citizenship Flier

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About the Initiative

Launched in 2007, the Global Citizenship initiative at Santa Monica College develops and promotes activities that prepare students for the 21st Century. Such preparation includes awareness of the social, cultural, and environmental transformations taking place in our world of unprecedented global interconnection; attitudes of tolerance and respect for diversity and of anticipation and adaption toward global change; skillful command of the technologies that revolutionize the way we obtain information and interact with each other; and a commitment to act as responsible global citizens through political engagement, entrepreneurship, and community service.

Two major events highlight the Global Citizenship calendar each year. In November, International Education Week presents a series of lectures, films, and a midday fair that celebrate our global connections. The dates for this year's IEW are November 11-15, 2019. At the end of May, the SMC Global Citizenship Symposium features work students have completed for any of their classes, in any subject, that illustrates ideas of global citizenship.

Global Citizenship Themes

The Global Citizenship theme for 2018–20 is Justice. As with preceding years' themes, the goal is to help students and faculty connect their work, across disciplinary boundaries and inside and outside the classroom, by offering a tangible set of issues that illustrate the more abstract ideas of globalism and citizenship. You can find, and help contribute to, evolving bibliographies for each of our themes at our Goodreads site, where you can contribute your own suggestions. If you have an SMC e-mail address, you can also join our Global Citizenship Goodreads group, and participate in an online discussion about the themes, global citizenship, and related readings.

Upcoming Events & Programs

International Education WeekNovember 2020TBD
Study Abroad Belize Summer 2020​
South Africa 2021​
Visit the Study Abroad website for more information.
Global Citizenship Symposium​ Spring 2020May 7, 2020


If you are interested in learning more about Global Citizenship at Santa Monica College or have suggestions for the initiative, please contact the Global Citizenship Committee Chair Delphine Broccard at broccard_delphine@smc.edu.

Global Citizenship Committee

The Global Citizenship Committee is a standing joint committee of the college's Academic Senate. Per its official scope and functions, in addition to generally promoting and guiding the development of global citizenship at SMC, the committee:

  • Actively seeks guidance and assistance from SMC students and staff in developing and promoting programs and activities that foster global citizenship;

  • Solicits and reviews applications for Global Citizenship Global Grants and Global Citizenship professional development trips;

  • Recommends Global Citizenship Study Abroad programs and faculty to Academic Affairs and International Education, and advises on the future development of Study Abroad at SMC;

  • Selects the Global Citizenship theme by procedures deemed appropriate by the committee; the theme is used beginning with the fall semester and continues for two years.

  • Organizes the annual Global Citizenship Symposium;

  • Develops and maintains an online presence for SMC Global Citizenship;

  • Develops and administers Global Citizenship recognition awards, such as a proposed Global Leadership designation for students;

  • Helps develop and support experiences and activities that promote and investigate ideas and values of global citizenship;

  • Helps develop and support programs for SMC’s international students, especially those that integrate their experiences with the domestic student population; and

  • Promotes the infusion of global citizenship throughout the curriculum;

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the Global Citizenship Committee consists of the following faculty and administrators:​​

  • Chair, Delphine Broccard
  • Vice-Chair, Denise Kinsella


  • Pete Morris
  • Brandon Reilly
  • Carol Davis
  • Heather Bennett
  • Pressian Nicolov
  • Scott Silverman
  • Nancy Grass
  • Catherine Weir
  • Sri Susilowati
  • Kaelyn Rodriguez


Time: First and third Thursday of every month, from 12:45 to 2:05 p.m.

Agendas and minutes from Global Citizenship Committee meetings.

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