​​​​​​​​​​Call for Faculty Proposals for Study Abroad
South Africa 2018

As part of a College-wide initiative to encourage students to develop a broader and more global perspective, we would like to introduce students to the rich history and cultural diversity of South Africa. Featuring a multidisciplinary approach, the South African Program strives to provide an intensive experience for students, encouraging them to better understand the people and cultures of South Africa. In addition, a key element that distinguishes the South African Program is its emphasis on Community and Service Learning.

​Santa Monica College is seeking proposals from faculty to co-lead with Professor Wilfred Doucet and teach in our study abroad program in South Africa for the Winter 2018 session.  One faculty member will be selected to co-lead the program.  The program will draw upon the faculties' expertise and offer students a rewarding experience. 

Wilfred Doucet, English, will be co-leading the program.  Please find his bio below for additional information:
Professor Wilfred Doucet has been a member of the Santa Monica College English department since 1999.  He received his Bachelor of Arts in Black Studies, Humanities Emphasis, from San Francisco State University.  His senior thesis examined DuBoisian Pan-Africanism. Professor Doucet received his Master of Arts in English Composition from California State University, San Bernardino.  His master's thesis is Flippin' the Script: Metaphor and Inversion in Ebonics.  Professor Doucet is currently working toward a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from Claremont Graduate University. His research interests include Fanonian textual analysis, the policing effect of integrationist/post-racialist ideologies, Afro-pessimism, and anti-blackness in the modern symbolic order. Professor Doucet has published poems and essays in several literary and poetry journals including The Pacific Review, The Fold, The Purple Heart Journal, Lavanderia, and The Ethiop's Ear, and posted commentaries at www.voxunion.com and www.blackfood.org. He co-founded and facilitated the Dyamsay (pronounced jahm-say) Writers' Workshop in Santa Monica, the Third Root Writers' Workshop and Artist Showcase in the Pomona Arts Colony, and a Poetry Series at Velocity Café in Santa Monica with Edgar Montgomery.  He produces poetry and spoken word showcases seasonally at The City Market Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. Professor Doucet also co-programs and co-hosts Liberation Cinema!, a monthly film screening at the AFIBA Center in South Los Angeles, a project of BABA (Brotherhood Alliance Bridging Africans).  Professor Doucet is a native Angeleno.​

In developing proposals, keep in mind the following guidelines:

Study Abroad Programs are an important part of the college’s efforts to encourage students to become global citizens. These programs are also important for professional development, to encourage faculty to remain current with their disciplines, and to become more aware of different cultures throughout the world. The programs are structured around these principles:

  • Intensity of experience - Instead of going on a bus tour that skims the surface of many places, students gain a deep understanding of the environment, the people and, the culture of one area or region.

  • Affordability - To encourage broad participation, the costs will be kept as low as possible, and programs will attract scholarships and other financial aid.

  • Safety - Programs will be structured to keep risk to an acceptable level.

  • A unifying theme – To provide students with a sense of the program’s purpose and over-arching questions.

This program will offer academic credit and meet the course outline of record for each course included in the program. The proposed course must be general education transferrable credit courses, IGETC preferred, with appeal to a broad spectrum of students. Faculty is encouraged to select a course that is particularly suited to being offered in a foreign setting.

Three weeks of the winter session academic program will take place at SMC, and three weeks will take place abroad.

Applications are closed.

PDF File Application and Itinerary *

The deadline is Friday, May 12, 2017 by 12 noon

All applicants will be notified of their application status by mid-June 2017

* Itinerary subject to change