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SMC|Global Citizenship|Beijing Professional Development Program

Beijing Professional Development Program

2014 Program

Santa Monica College’s commitment to foster Global Citizenship with a special professional development program hosted by The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies (TBC) during the Summer of 2014. The program introduced a team of 15 SMC faculty and staff to the lands and peoples of China, highlighting present-day issues and trends against the region’s deep historical backdrop. Over the course of two weeks, participants attended lectures and seminars led by TBC faculty, explored Beijing and its surroundings, and took in the historical city of Xi’an. Upon their return, participants are expected to contribute to the Global Citizenship initiative equipped with greater understanding of our trans-Pacific neighbors and the challenges and opportunities presented by China’s rising profile on the global stage. 
A look back at the 2014 program coming soon!


2013 Beijing Program


Launched in 2007, the Global Citizenship initiative at Santa Monica College develops and promotes activities that prepare students for the 21st Century. Such preparation includes awareness of the social, cultural, and environmental transformations taking place in our world of unprecedented global interconnection; attitudes of tolerance and respect for diversity and of anticipation and adaption toward global change; skillful command of the technologies that revolutionize the way we obtain information and interact with each other; and a commitment to act as responsible global citizens through political engagement, entrepreneurship, and community service.

One facet of Santa Monica College’s global identity is its large body of international students. With a population of over 3,000 as of Fall 2013, SMC boasts the second largest total of F-1 students among community colleges nationwide. More than 700 of these students come from mainland China, and this professional development program provides an opportunity to learn first-hand about the diverse cultures, history and traditions of this fast-growing segment of our student body. The program also supports infusion of global perspectives into SMC’s curriculum and campus life, as well as our annual study-abroad center in Beijing.

Since 1998, The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies (TBC) has provided the world an unprecedented opportunity for individuals and groups to come to Beijing to learn about and experience both the immense transformations and rich traditional cultures of China. After a period of isolation and struggle, China reopened its doors to the world in the 1980s. It shed light on an ancient and distinct culture—a culture entirely different than our own. A culture shaped by Confucius philosophy, dynastic rule, striking art forms, economic growth, and political revolution. In the short period of time since this re-opening, China has re-emerged as an influential global power. An economic surge over the last several decades has propelled China’s growth to unimaginable scale while her history and long-standing traditional culture remain deeply rooted in its 1.3 billion people. This phenomenal change from isolation to standing on the world stage has marked a time where an understanding of China has become most essential.