How can I prepare for the Math Proficiency Assessment?

The Mathematics Proficiency Assessment (MPA) is administered to students wishing to obtain an Associate Degree from Santa Monica College who have not completed Math 18, 20, 50, or higher. The test is administered on a walk-in basis in the Success and Engagement Center during normal testing hours.


  • Completion of a minimum of 30 Associate in Arts Degree applicable semester units. The Success and Engagement Center will verify this at the time of sign-up by reviewing Cumulative Units Completed indicated on the Santa Monica College transcript and other scanned college transcripts.

  • Retesting for the Mathematics Proficiency Assessment is limited to one time only after waiting a period of eight (8) weeks after the first test was taken. Additional retesting will not be provided under any circumstances.

  • Failing the test will necessitate the completion of Math 18, 20, 50 and any relevant prerequisites.

How Can I Best Prepare for the Math Proficiency Assessment?