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Santa Monica College|Enrollment Development|Scholarships|General Scholarships

General Scholarships


Awards from non-campus based groups or individuals are marked with an asterisk (*)

Santa Monica College Foundation Award 
Continuing  SMC student;financial need;
well-defined educational goals.
3.0 GPA C  
SMC Foundation President's Circle Award 
Financial need; U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
3.0 GPA C/T  
Willie & Raymond Acevedo  Memorial
Financial need; Hispanic students, demonstrated involvement in communityactivities.
2.5 GPA C/T
Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society: Terry Green Award 
AGS Honor Society membership; Currently enrolled in 10+ units; AGS faculty sponsor recommendation.
3.0 GPA C/T
Bill Dreifus Memorial 
US citizenship; Business major; AGS faculty sponsor recommendation; enrolled in 10+ units.
3.0 GPA T
Aubrey E. Austin, Jr. Memorial
Leadership activities.
3.0   GPA


Baha'i Spiritual Assembly of Santa Monica
Financial need; community involvement through service and/or volunteer work; minority student; student dedicated to promoting world peace preferred.
 3.0  GPA C
Betty Bryant Memorial 
Financial need.
 2.5 GPA  C/T
Anthony Budzyn Memorial
U.S. citizen; financial need; well-defined educational goals.
2.5 GPA C/T  
California School Employees Association: SMC #36
U.S. citizen; must be employed; California resident.
 2.5 GPA C/T  
Florence Cardine Memorial
Financial need; community service work.
 3.0 GPA  C/T
James & Lucille Cayton Award
Leadership activities.
 3.0 GPA  C/T
Willard Lyman Cummings Jr. Award
Financial need; scholastic achievement.
 3.5 GPA C/T 
Pearl & Sam Weissman Memorial
Community service activities.
3.0  GPA    T 
Lloyd Handel Memorial
Working student; library committee recommendation.
2.5 GPA    C/T 
Ralph Kiewit Sr. Meemorial 
Leadership & community service involvement.
 3.5 GPA C

Margaret Floyd Baird Memorial
Financial need.


 2.5 GPA   C/T 
Jay H. Feldhorn Memorial
U.S. citizen; financial need; working part-time preferred; involved in
extra-curricular activities.
 3.5 GPA T  
Stephen P. Jeffries Memorial 
Financial need.
2.5 GPA C/T 
Mike Jeffs Paddle Tennis Award 
Financial need.
2.5 GPA C/T 
Gerald M. Jennings Memorial
ASG membership; financial need; vocational goals.
 2.5 GPA C/T  
Jean Litsey O'Brien 
              Financial need.
2.8 GPA  C/T
David B. Phillips
Financial need; leadership in ASG activities.
2.5 GPA C/T
Al Quinn Memorial
Demonstrated participation in SMC activities; government, and/or community
service. Completion of 24 units.
2.5 GPA T  
Del & Elmer Wade 
Financial need; minority student preferred; community service activities; enrolled in 10 units if a working student.
2.5 GPA  C/T  
Associated Student Government: ASG Leadership
ASG membership; completed 40 units; Currently enrolled in 8+ units; letter
verifying leadership & community service.
2.5 GPA   C/T
Santa Monica College Patrons Association   
Financial need; well-defined vocational and educational goals.
 2.5 GPA  C/T  
Hilding A. Tegner & Carl E. Tegner 
Requires U.S. citizenship and/or employer recommendation; Well defined educational and career goals. 
 3.5 GPA C  
Non-Traditional Student Scholarship  
Working student, 35-40 hours per week; currently enrolled in 6 units
and have successfully completed 12 transferable units.
3.2 GPA   C/T  
*The Ebell Scholarship Fund 
U.S. Citizenship; registered voter; complete 12 units each semester;
student must be already attending an accredited college or
university in Los Angeles County; must be at least a college freshman
to apply. Applications available through the Scholarship Office. 
Deadline to apply will be November of each year. 
 3.2 GPA C

Edwin A. Young Memorial
Scholastic achievement.

3.0 GPA  C/T  
Sheldon M. Hayden Memorial
Financial need; completed 24 units at SMC; age max 22 years.
3.0 GPA C/T
Joseph Drown Foundation  
Financial need; recommendation by the Scholars Program Director.
3.0 GPA  C/T  

Community Service Club Awards  

Students will be expected to attend a Luncheon to receive the award

*Kiwanis: Achievement Award 
Outstanding leadership & community service.
3.5 GPA


*Kiwanis: Ray Carriere 
U.S. citizen; financial need; outstanding leadership preferred.
3.0 GPA


*Kiwanis:Virgil Kingsley 
Outstanding leadership & community service.
3.5 GPA


*Kiwanis:Madeline Petrie  
 U.S. citizen; scholastic achievement.
3.5 GPA

*Kiwanis:Morgan Leslie Segal Memorial 
Financial need; students returning to education; community service
such as, assisting impoverished and needy children; prefer English or
Journalism majors; must demonstrate strong writing skills by submitting
an essay, short story or poem, not to exceed 3 pages, on any topic 
relating to their community service experience. (Any previously written material will be accepted).

2.75 GPA

*Kiwanis:Carl E. Tegner
U.S. citizen; financial need; well-defined educational goals; business students preferred.
3.5 GPA C
*Kiwanis:James Wood Memorial
U.S. citizen; financial need; well-defined educational goals; history students preferred.
3.5 GPA
*Kiwanis:Dr. Cyril Gail 
Financial need; well-defined educational goals; pre-dentistry major preferred. 
3.5 GPA C
*Kiwanis:Colin Petrie
Financial need; well-defined educational goals; math or engineering major preferred.
3.5 GPA C
*Kiwanis: Ralph Harding
U.S. citizen; financial need; well-defined educational goals; math or engineering major preferred.
3.5 GPA C
Pearl & Sam Weissman Memorial
Community service activities.
3.0 GPA 
Rotary Ann Briesch-English  
U.S. citizen; financial need; academic achievement in science or business;  
in science or business; engineering/computer science majors.
3.0 GPA   C/T 
The Archie M. Morrison: Rotary Club Achievement  
Completed 30 units at SMC; outstanding leadership & community service.
Students will be expected to attend a luncheon to receive the award.
3.0 GPA C/T 
Rotary Club of Santa Monica: Nick Holt
U.S. citizen; extra-curricular activities; employer recommendation. Students will be expected to attend a luncheon to receive the award.
3.5 GPA T  
Rotary Club of Santa Monica: Vocational Award
Faculty recommendations; outstanding vocational student.
Students will be expected to attend a luncheon to receive the award.
3.0 GPA C/T  

Awards to Assist International Students

Associated Student International
Financial need; F-1 student Visa; School related extra-curricular activities; all majors.

3.0 GPA


Herman & Minna Swartz Memorial
Financial need; international student who has attended either Santa Monica
High School, Crossroads, or St. Monica High School.



2.5 GPA C/T

Awards To Assist African-American Students  

*Black Collegians Scholarship  
Academic achievement; participation in and contribution to the
Black Collegians Program (including the Black Collegians Club);
and submit a one page essay describing your educational and 
career goals; the steps you have taken to achieve these goals;
your participation in the Black Collegians Program (including the
Black Collegians Club if applicable) and any special circumstances
that you would like the Black Collegians Program Scholarship 
Committee to consider.

2.5 GPA   C/
Ernest Dabbs Memorial
African American male student; local resident.
2.5 GPA C/T 
Sydney Goldfarb Outstanding Student Award
Involved in leadership activities.
3.0 GPA C/T 
*Martin Luther King, Jr.:Westside Coalition   
Students must submit a poem or prose on a designated
announced topic, and have a grasp of Dr. King's philosophy; 
leadership and community service; attend annual 
ceremony/celebration in January.
 3.0 GPA C/T
*Santa Monica Gems Award 
Involved in leadership activities.
3.0 GPA  T  
Prof. Esperanza Bolivar-Owen: In Honor of King And Gandhi  
Financial need. For African-American students enrolled in 12+ units if not
working; 9+ units if working. Faculty recommendation and, if working, employer recommendation. Last half of award paid upon complete 15 hours of community service for a charity.
2.5 GPA  C/T  

Awards To Assist Disabled Students

John Dubay And Solomon Whitlow
Currently enrolled in 6+ units.
2.5 GPA C/T 
David Hendler 
Progress toward educational goals and achievement.
2.5 GPA C/T
*Pilot Club:Jordan-King
Progress toward educational goals and achievement.
2.5 GPA C  

Awards To Assist Latino Students

Latino Center/Adelante Program Award  
Members of the program, academic achievement; financial need;extent of involvement in the program/academic achievement. See Latino Center Coordinator.
2.5 GPA C/T
Prof. Esperanza Bolivar-Owen: Scholarship for Hispanics 
Financial need. For Hispanic students enrolled in 12+ units if not working; 9+ units if working. Faculty recommendation and, if working, employer recommendation. Last half of award paid upon complete 15 hours of community service for a charity.  
2.5 GPA C/T 
Jesus & Francisca Gonzalez Memorial Award
For students pursuing a vocational education program; financial need; academic achievement. 
2.0  GPA C/T  
Miguel & Virginia Gonzalez Memorial 
Hispanic males & females; science entering the health care  profession.
2.8  GPA C/T  
Forrest L. Freed Marquez Memorial
Major in education; community service; financial need.
3.0 GPA T
Juan Franco & Serratos Memorial
Financial need; Mexican-American.
  3.2 GPA C  
Jim & Jane Urmston
Latino students.
2.5 GPA
LULAC 2010-Darrell D. Marks Scholarship
Latino students; community service; taking courses leading to a trade or Paraprofessional job.
2.5 GPA C/

Awards To Assist Women Students  

*American Association of University Women: SM Bay Branch Local Scholarship
Female graduate of Westside, Venice, High School. U.S. citizenship, financial need.
3.0 GPA
A.W.A.R.E. SMC Foundation
Financial need; currently enrolled in 6+ units; woman returning to education.
2.5 GPA C

Crawford's Coronettes Memorial
U.S. Citizenship; high moral standards; active in extra-curricular 
activities; leadership in community service; evidence of leadership;
P.E., Recreation or Dance Dept recommendation, i.e., art, education and 
music majors; no more than 3 years between entrance to college from 
high school, or a 3 year break between college semester to semester.

  3.0 GPA
*Mabel Wilson Richards Fund 
Financial need; woman of high moral character and good citizenship; U.S.
citizen, or if under 21 and not a citizen parent must be either a U.S. citizen
or permanent resident; and resident of LA area cities listed on application.
Deadline to apply annually,  October 21st. Please see Scholarship Coordinator for 
 3.0 GPA   C

Scholarships by Department Major  

Academy for Entertainment & Technology

Mary Pickford Foundation
Enrolled at the Academy of Entertainment & Technology; completed a
minimum of 9 units; demonstrated commitment to the program; financial need.
3.0 GPA 
The Stiefel/Dockweiler Fund
Enrolled at the Academy of Entertainment & Technology; financial need;
completed a minimum of 9 units.
3.0 GPA   C 


Frank Louis Hendler
U.S. citizen and financial need.
2.5 GPA C/T
The Wilson Brothers Builders 
Completed 9+ units in Architecture; department recommendation; and planning
a career in architecture.
3.0 GPA  C/T


Lucille Brown-Greene Memorial
Fine art major.  Portfolio required.
2.5 GPA  C/T
Gerome De Rollin Painting
Fine art major. Portfolio required.
2.5 GPA   C/T
Outstanding Potter (Supplies)  
Upon department invitation submit your work to be juried during the last month
of spring semester.  Must be enrolled in 6+ units including Ceramics 52b and
planning to enroll in Ceramics 52c the following semester.
2.5 GPA C/T
Mario G. Semere
Financial need; art history major.
  3.5 GPA C/T
Lois A. Stolaroff Memorial
Financial need. A portfolio is required.
  2.5 GPA C/T
The Stiefel/Dockweiler Fund
Faculty recommendation; graphics or fine art majors; portfolio required.
  3.0 GPA C


Margaret M. Blenkhorn 
Women enrolled in business courses.
3.5 GPA   C/T
Donald & Edna  Brunson Memorial
Business major.
3.0 GPA C/T 
Eagle Bugg Youth Achievement
African American; proven leadership abilities; and involved in SMC student
activities. Transferring students are eligible and/or clubs.
3.5 GPA C/T
Ruth A. Clark Memorial
Women enrolled in business or accounting major.


3.0 GPA C/T
Bill T. Lanahan Memorial 
U. S. citizenship; Financial need; self-supporting; must have completed at least half of the 
transfer requirements to a four-year institution.
  3.0 GPA C/T
Mark G. And Florence M. Simpson 
Financial need and business or engineering major.  
 3.0 GPA C/T

Computer Science  

See Math/Engineering/Computer Technology



Edna Ackerma
n Memorial
Financial need; minority student preferred; and completion of  9 units in
English with a 3.0, including English 1 plus two literature courses.  Attach a
graded essay from English 1.
 3.0 GPA   C/T
Theo Boll & Norma Nyquist Memorial
Financial need.
 3.0 GPA  C/T
Anthony Boxer Memorial
Prefer a writing student; English major.
2.5 GPA C/T
Greg Fagen Memorial
English or journalism major. Include sample of writing.

Graphic Arts  

*Dag Design
Talent and achievement in the commercial art field; faculty recommendation;
a portfolio is required. 
2.5 GPA  C/T
Armando Amaro  Memorial
Latino students; graphic arts major preferred.
2.5 GPA    C/T 

Health Occupations


Carol Beckstead Award
Financial need; SMC nursing program student.
2.5GPA  C/T
James E. Bowers Memorial 
U.S. citizen; financial need; nursing; community service involvement.
2.5 GPA  C/T
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Frank Memorial  
Pre-nursing courses; two recommendations from pre-nursing faculty; SMC
nursing program student with outstanding potential.
 3.5 GPA C/T
Iris Hendler Memorial
Financial need.
2.5 GPA C/T
Eva Mae Kasper Memorial
Faculty recommendation; SMC nursing program student
  3.0 GPA G
Ilona Jo Katz: Nrusing Memorial
Faculty recommendation; SMC nursing program student
with outstanding potential.
  3.0 GPA C/T
Shirley Leventhal Memorial
Pre-nursing courses; faculty recommendation; SMC nursing program graduate.


  3.0 GPA C/T
Sharron Reed Memorial 
Faculty recommendation; SMC nursing program student.
2.5 GPA
*California Past President's Club 
Nursing student.
2.5 GPA C  
*Santa Monica Bay Women's Club
A first year SMC nursing program student with financial need.
  2.5 GPA  C
Edmund &  Emma Slama Memorial
Nursing courses; nursing department recommendation.
3.0 GPA   C/T
Robyn Sorokin Memorial
Department recommendation and currently enrolled in SMC nursing program.
2.5 GPA C/T  
Valerie Jeanne Svec 
Nursing Department recommendation and currently enrolled in SMC nursing
2.5 GPA  C/T 
Elena Terwilliger Memorial
Outstanding contribution to the nursing program.
2.5 GPA  
Kathleen Weinstein Nursing Scholarship
Financial need; nursing department recommendation.
3.0 GPA   C/T

Respiratory Therapy  

Edmund And Emma Slama: Respiratory Therapy
Department recommendation; respiratory therapy courses.

3.0 GPA C


Charlie Donaldson Award
Faculty recommendation.
 2.5 GPA   C/T  
Robert McClure & J.D. Funk Memorial 
Faculty recommendation.
  3.0 GPA C/T
Dorothy Wood Journalism Scholarship
Faculty recommendation; student must be a Corsair newspaper participant.
  2.5 GPA C/T

Math/Engineering/Computer Science  

F. Don Miller Memorial 
Math/computer science major or career goal; financial need.
 3.5 GPA  C/T
Pete Barrett Memorial
Computer science & communication majors; financial need.
 3.0 GPA  C
Lawrence Flaws Memorial
Math/computer science major or career goal.
  3.0 GPA T
Darrell Peterson Memorial
Financial need; math or engineering major; community service..
  3.0 GPA C
Roland Waco
Math/computer science career goal.
2.5 GPA C/T
W. Felix Werner
Financial need; mathematics; computer science majors.
3.0 GPA

Frieda T. & Frank S. Weiding
Financial need; engineering major.

3.0 GPA   C/T


Marilyn Ross-Alamshah
Financial need; music faculty recommendation. 
2.5 GPA  C/T 
Frank Beal Memorial 
Music major.
 2. GPA C/T
E.B. Brockett Memorial 
Music faculty recommendation.
3.0 GPA   T
Emily Winestock Memorial 
Music major; voice major preferred; faculty recommendation.
 2.5 GPA C/T
Eugene C. Davidson Memorial 
Music faculty recommendation; minority student;prefer violinist or singer.
 3.0 GPA    T 
Gordon T. Durfee &  E. R. Coulson Memorial
Service to SMC music program; achievement in music and academics; and
planning a career in music education.
2.5 GPA  C/T
Pearl M. Follmer
Music faculty recommendation.
2.5 GPA   C/T
William J. & Gertrude V. Powell Memorial
Financial need; Music faculty recommendation.
3.0 GPA C/T  
Esther Landon Memorial
Music major.
2.5 GPA   C/T
Mark G. Markeson Memorial
Financial need; talent, prefer guitar or voice.
  2.5 GPA  C/T 


Joseph F. & Hazel A. (de Guise) Buritz Award 
Financial need; potential for success in photography; present examples of
work from Photo 1,2,3 or 4. Photography dept. reviews & recommendation.
2.5 GPA C/T
Dennis Pierce 
Potential for success; leadership; and community service.  Portfolio
presentation to be ranked by department members. 
2.5 GPA   C/T
Jacob Rubel 
Completion of 7+ vocational or trade units; photography or vocational trade majors.
 2.5 GPA  C/T

Physical Education  

Athletic Department Award
Outstanding athlete recommended by the athletic department.
 2.5 GPA  C/T 
Medora & Kit Colberg Memorial
Outstanding athlete recommended by the athletic department.
 2.5 GPA  C/T 
James D’Angelo Memorial
Athletic potential upon transferring; SMC athletic advisor recommendation.
2.5 GPA C/T
Davy Fortson Memorial
Financial need; basketball player; SMC athletic department recommendation.
2.5 GPA  C/T
John Joseph Scholarship Fund
Proven leadership and achievement skills and two years of SMC competition
with swimming or diving coach’s recommendation.
2.5 GPA  T


Masonic Lodge No. 307:Kidd Family &  C. Lee Smith 
Financial need; scholastic achievement; SMC faculty recommendation;
recreation or physical education major.



2.5 GPA   C/T

 Research Program 

Marketing Research Award                                                                                  
U.S. Citizenship; completed business courses for Marketing;
and/or consumer research courses; faculty recommendation.


2.5  GPA C/T

 Physical & Biological

Penny & Richard Adamson Memorial
Financial need; completion of 9 units in biology; majoring & planning to work
in life sciences or related field.
2.5 GPA  C/T
Dr. Harry L. & May P. Bauer Memorial
Completion of 20 units in science, including 10 units in biological sciences;
majoring or planning a career in life science or related field including medical
& dental.
3.0 GPA   T
J. Stanley Brode Memorial 
Financial need; physics or science major.
2.8 GPA  C/T
Kody - Pepper Award
Completed a course in either biology or environmental science; science major.; 
department recommendation.
2.5 GPA  C/T 
Richard Austin Roche Memorial 
Financial need; physics or science major.
2.5 GPA   C/T 
*Bruce Hass Memorial
Academic achievement in geology or chemistry; earth science major or related
 3.5  GPA C/T 
Harvey Kirk 
Biology or ecology major preferred; academic achievement in life science.
3.0 GPA   C/T 

Harry Markowitz 
Science major.

2.5 GPA    C/T 
George M. & Veronica Pride Memorial 
U.S. citizen; financial need; completed at least 9 units in Biology; and planning
a career & majoring in life science or a related field.
3.0 GPA  C/T 
Santa Monica Gemological Society
Geology faculty recommendation; geology major or related field.
2.5 GPA  C/T

David B. Hendricks II Foundation:Geography, Earth Science,
Environmental & Urban Studies Award
Geography faculty recommendation; working students who intend to study geography, earth science, environmental studies or related field. Demonstrated commitment to improving the quality of our communities and planet. Applicants must also demonstrate how this scholarship will help them spend less time at work and more time with their studies so that they can achieve their academic goals.

3.0 GPA  C/T
    Crystal Ann Griffiths Memorial
Anthropology students; students returning to education.  
3.5 GPA   C/T 

Social & Behavioral  

Kyle Esgate Memorial
Planning a career in behavioral science; psychology major..
3.0 GPA   T
Ron Hadian Memorial 
Social Science faculty recommendation; completed 6 Political Science units, including Political Science 1 & 2; political science major preferred.
 3.0 GPA  C/T 
 Warner History Essay Contest 
Completed 6 social science history units in each course (qualifying non-social
science units) Philosophy 3, 4, 51 & 52; and Political Science 51 & 52. Five to
eight page historical essay on a designated announced topic.   Finalists may be
asked to discuss their papers.  Contact the Social Science Dept. for additional
3.2 GPA    C/T
Dr. Anne K. Peters Memorial
Prefer student returning to education; leadership or community involvement;
financial need and/or minority; references to proven or potential leadership;
currently enrolled in 6+ units completed in social science courses.
2.5 GPA   C/T 
Jim Prikett Memorial
Social Science Dept. recommendation.
3.0 GPA   C/T 

Teaching & Education  

Ben A. & Helen T. Barnard Scholarship
Completion of 30 units; social studies major; planning to work as a teacher.
3.5 GPA  
Donald Blemker
Financial need.  Prefer a student planning a career in educational counseling.
  3.0 GPA     C/T 
Santa Monica Bay Divison: California Retired Teachers Assoc.
Financial need; preference to second year continuing students;
teaching/education major.
3.0 GPA  C/T
Ann Carroll Award
Financial need; demonstrate an interest in teaching Math or Science, at any level.
3.0  GPA  T

Art Chesluk Scholarship Fund
Financial need; community service; working part-time; minority student;
faculty recommendation.

2.5 GPA  C
Stewart Ferguson
Financial need; preparing for elementary school or child development position.
2.5 GPA   C/T 
Izeyl & Robert Goodrich Memorial
U.S. citizen; female; teaching Social Science preferred.
2.5 GPA   C/T 
Enid Lang Memorial
Financial need; preparing for a career as an educator.
3.0 GPA   C/T 
Michael Frederick Reukema
Completion of 45 units and preparing for a career as an educator.
 3.0 GPA  C/T
Mildred & Edward Rylands  
Teaching/education major.
3.0 GPA   C/T 
Harold Salter Memorial
Education/early childhood major; financial need. 
2.5 GPA C
C.R. Watts 
Financial need; first generation college student.
 2.5 GPA  C/T  
Sylvia M. Jordan Memorial
Awarded to an individual planning a career in a elementary or secondary
school position.
3.0 GPA     C/T
Youth Empowerment Scholarship  (Y.E.S.)
Students planning to pursue a career supporting young people.
3.0 GPA T
Fanette Wallace Memorial
Financial need; involvement with leadership and volunteer work; teach elementary school

2.5 GPA    




Theater Arts & Dance  

Ann Donaldson Memorial 
Talent demonstrated through dance program studies.  Planning a career in dance.
2.5 GPA    C/T  
*Folklorico de Santa Monica
Enrolled or completed beginning or intermediate world dance, 22 or 23; or
Ethnic performance dance class 57A/57B.
2.5 GPA  C/T 
David Simon Scholarship
Performing Arts; dance, actor, or vocalist (female).
  2.5 GPA 
Gene N. Owen Theater Guild 
Talent, achievement and contribution in theater arts; faculty recommendation.
2.5  GPA  C/T

 Vocational & Trades Awards  

Morton Anderson, Perry R. Davis & Jacob Rubel 
Completion of 7+ units in vocational, trade, or technology courses.


  3.0 GPA C/T  
Beverly Moore Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Studies
Financial need; tourism major.
2.0 GPA  C/T
Peter Perkins Award
Faculty recommendation. Vocational trade or technology student.
2.5 GPA  C/T
Prof. Esperanza Bolivar-Owen Scholarships in Honor of  Ulysses King
Financial need; For vocational students enrolled in 12 +units if not working; 9+units if working. Faculty recommendation and, if working employer recommendation.
Award paid upon completion of 15 hours of community service for a charity.
2.5 GPA  C/T
Edmund & Emma Slama Memorial 
Financial need; vocational; trades major.
 2.5 GPA  C/T  
Glenn B. Young Memorial
Financial need; aircraft related trades preferred.
2.5 GPA  C/T 

High School Recruitment Awards  

These awards are for graduating high school students only. They have been created to encourage highly motivated students with severe financial need to start their college education at Santa Monica College. Counseling and placement are also provided. It is hoped we will attract and retain underrepresented minority students with these awards. 

Associated Students High School Award
High school students must be enrolled in a minimum of 8 units for the fall semester at SMC; attending the following High Schools; Culver City, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, University and Venice. Recipients must perform 20 hours of service in the SMC Associated Students office.  See the SMC Associated Students office Coord. for an application and information.
 2.5 GPA  R
*Susan Bay Nimoy & Leonard Nimoy Award
Financial need; minority student; graduate of Hamilton or Jefferson High School;
SMC faculty or high school recommendation preferred. Planned two-year
curriculum, resulting in an AA degree. 
2.5 GPA  R
*Dana Katz  
Financial need; fall enrollment in SMC music courses required; incoming
freshman from a local high school, Santa Monica High graduate preferred. 
Music major-vocal or instrumental.
2.5 GPA  
Hilding A. Tegner & Carl E. Tegner 
Academic achievement; interviews will be  in the spring at Santa Monica High
School prior to graduation; contact your high school counselor.
3.5 GPA   R
Dreamers' Club 
Several awards given annually. Contact your high school counselor.
 2.5 GPA  R
*American Association University of Women:SMBA Local Scholarship Fund
Female, U.S. citizenship, transferring to SMC as full-time student, financial
need. Contact your high school counselor.
2.5 GPA