The new E-Scholarship application system has many features, including the following

  • Students will complete the SMC Scholarship Application on-line through the SMC E-Scholarship system. No paper application will be required.
  • Students will be able to submit their personal statement on-line through E-Scholarship.
  • Students can list the names and emails of individuals who will be writing the letters of recommendation.
  • Those writing recommendation letters will submit letters electronically through the SMC E-Scholarship system.
  • Students will be able to see if their recommendation letters have been submitted and if their application is complete through E-Scholarship.
  • Students can check for additional Foundation scholarships through the SMC system that they are potentially eligible to apply for by submitting additional essays or materials if requested.

What can you do now?

  • Start writing your personal scholarship statement.
  • If you have a resume, submit that to your recommendator as a reference point.
  • Start contacting teachers, counselors, and others about writing a letter of recommendation; all submissions of required materials is the students responsibility.
  • Attend a Scholarship Workshop, dates and times are listed in the Scholarship Book, 2016-17

Submit applications early, since applications and documents must be in Scholarship Office before the deadline.

Deadline to Apply :​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SCHOLARSHIP BOOK 2016-17.pdf​​​

February 21, 2017

For further information, you may contact the office at (310) 434-4290.


Drescher Hall D-150/Financial Aid Bldg.
During peak times office hours may vary​​

Regular office hours:

Monday -Wednesday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Tuesday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday: 8am -12:00 pm

What Happens After You Apply

Applications are reviewed for completeness, sorted by scholarship criteria, and forwarded to review committees and donors for consideration. Students are then matched up to a scholarship. Donors and Committees may or may not choose to interview candidates. If you are selected for an award requiring an interview, you will be contacted by postcard at the address listed on your application. Contact the scholarship office immediately with changes of address or telephone number.

The interview committee will ask questions with regards to your educational goals and career plans. Donors may participate on selection committees so you want to make a good impression. Try to relax. The committee members just want meet you personally, to find out a little bit more about you. If you can't make an interview, call the Scholarship Office as soon as possible. Usually there is only one opportunity to interview. If you are unavailable
for an interview, your application will be paper-screened.

All winners and non-winners will be notified by mail in May. All checks for students will be mailed; so please make
sure address form is filled out with most recent information; continuing students will receive their award prior to the next enrollment period at Santa Monica College; proof of enrollment is required for all continuing students for summer (if attending) and fall. Incoming high school students will receive award check/s after proof of fall & spring enrollment.

A list of scholarship winners will be sent directly to the SMC Foundation and Financial Aid Office. If these awards affect your financial aid award package, you will receive a revised award letter. All scholarships are granted to fund tuition, fees, books and supplies, and any other educational expenses.

Required Documents and Instructions:

All scholarship winners are required to write typed thank you letter/s and fill out an address form to receive the award along with any other required documents listed below. The materials should be brought into or mailed to the Scholarship Office, and will be forwarded to the donor.

  • Continuing students must submit a copy of their bursars receipt for enrollment verification. It should show 6 units unless the award states more; part-time students are acceptable.
  • Transferring students must submit, in some cases, proof of university acceptance letter/s.
  • Some organizations may require your attendance at a luncheon, at which time you will receive an award check.
  • All verification materials must be submitted before the fall semester ends at SMC;award/s will be forfeited.

Some awards are more than the I.R.S. minimum, and should be reported as income on your annual tax return. The threshold for non-wage income reporting is approximately $600 or more, however, please call the I.R.S. for current information.

Majors at Santa Monica College

Academy of Entertainment Technology

Administration of Justice




Automotive Technology

Biological Science



Computer Science



Earth Science






Fashion Design

General Science

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Interior Design


Leisure Studies

Liberal Arts





Physical Education

Physical Science

Political Science


Recreation & Leisure Studies

Respiratory Therapy


Theater Arts


Love your Library! 

Scholarships And Financial Aid Library References




College Blue Book: Scholarships, Fellowships,





Call Number



LA226 .C685 2015

Grants and Loans v.5



College Board Getting Financial Aid


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College Board Scholarship Handbook


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Directory of Financial Aid for Women


LB2338 .D564 2014-2016

Financial Aid for African Americans


LB2338 .F5643 2014-2016

Financial Aid for Asian Americans


LB2338.F5644 2009-2011

Financial Aid for the Disabled and


LB2337.2 .F58 2012-2014

Financial Aid for Hispanic Americans


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Financial Aid for Native Americans


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Financial Aid for Veterans, Military Personnel and Their Dependents


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Foundation Directory




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Peterson's Scholarships, Grants & Prizes


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Peterson’s How to Get Money for College




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Getting Financial Aid


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For more titles look in LIBRARY CATALOG under the following headings: Scholarships or Student Aid.

The Santa Monica College Foundation advances the mission and goals of Santa Monica College by attracting contributions from individuals, businesses and foundations in support of the excellent education the College provides. We appreciate your participation in the Scholarship Program and welcome your involvement in other campus programs as well. For further information about making a contribution, please contact the Santa Monica College Foundation at (310) 434-4215 or

Santa Monica College Foundation Board


Deanna M. Hansen, Vice President, ESA,  Chair

Mark Ivener, Esq. Managing Partner, Ivener & Fullmer LLP, Vice Chair

Samuel R. Biggs, Partner, SL Biggs, Secretary/Treasurer

Lizzy Moore Interim Dean, Institutional Advancement


Spring Aspers, Sony Pictures Entertainment Mark Ivener, Esq.

Camelia Barsoum Fred Kipperman

Samuel R. Biggs, President, Biggs & Co William Lippman

Nancy Cattell, Esq. Dr. Ava T. Shamban

Anita L. De Frantz, President, LA84 Foundation Jeff Shimizu, Interim SMC

Don Girard, SMC Senior Director Government Relations & Superintendent/President*

Institutional Communications*

*Designated Directors

Foundation Staff

Lizzy Moore, Interim Dean, Institutional Advancement

Charles A. Potts Jr., CFO/Associate Director

John Stanwyck, Development Director

Xochitl Nisbet, Database Administrator

Vivan Wu, Sr. Projects & Events Coordinator

Mayra Islas, Office Assistant

Santa Monica College Board of Trustees

Dr. Louise Jaffe, Chair

Dr. Andrew Walzer, Vice Chair

Dr. Susan Aminoff

Dr. Nancy Greenstein

Dr. Margaret Quinones-Perez

Rob Rader

Barry Snell

Laura Zwicker, Student Trustee

Dr Kathryn E. Jeffery, Superintendent/President

Scholarship Office

Steve Myrow, Associate Dean, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Marcia Fierro, M.A., Scholarship Program​​​​​​​​​