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SMC Student Clubs

Over fifty campus clubs are maintained for students with special interests in areas such as science, sports, creative arts, business and industry, service and recreation. Club activities include business meetings, field trips, concerts, lectures, forums and social events. Through these activities, you may participate in and contribute to the life and interests of the college and the community. All clubs, except the Honor Scholarship Society (which requires specific qualifications) are open to all students. California law forbids secret fraternities and sororities in public community colleges. Please call Associated Students at (310) 434-4250 for current club information.

Support Group for International Students

Group leaders invite international students to join this group to talk about common themes and challenges in coming to the US. Discussion topics include:

  • Adjusting to a new environment
  • Dating and meeting people
  • Missing your home
  • Cultural differences
  • Academic challenges
  • Goals you hope to achieve at SMC

For more information, please visit SMC's Associated Students for information about clubs and other campus wide activities or contact the IECC at (310) 434-4218.