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SMC is committed to your success as an F-1 international student.  Our innovative two-part orientation introduces students to the academic program and support services to help ensure success at SMC.  All new F-1 international students complete this process before beginning their first session or semester at Santa Monica College.
The first part is an on-line orientation that you will complete prior to your arrival at SMC.  This orientation takes approximately 1 – 1 ½ hours to complete.  The second part of the orientation is called the “Information Seminar”.  The Information Seminar takes place at SMC a few weeks prior to the start of the session or semester.  You will need to sign up for a specific date for the Information Seminar before you will receive your SMC I-20 and Admission Packet.  Please follow the below instructions to complete the steps to the Information Seminar for International Students at SMC.
1.        On-line Application Portal Information
Students will receive instruction on how to sign-up for the Information Seminar through their on-line application portal.  
2.       On-Line Orientation for International Students
The online orientation can be found here:  You must complete the on-line orientation prior to your “Check-in Date” at SMC.  Please be sure to use your SMC ID# (not your application ID#) to log in to the on-line orientation.  Your SMC ID# will be available in your application portal once you are admitted.  If you do not complete the on-line orientation using your SMC ID#, you cannot attend the Information Seminar and register for SMC classes. 
3.       Check-In at Santa Monica College
Upon arrival at SMC, new students need to report to the International Education Center for Check-In.  Students must bring their current I-20s and passports (with I-94 Admission Card and F-1 Student Visa Stamp).  Students also must provide the International Education Center with current contact information and emergency contacts.  You can complete the Check-In Form and bring it with you. 
4.       Information Seminar (SMC Campus)
A confirmation of the date and time of your Information Seminar is included in your Admission Packet.  Your report date on your SMC I-20 will be the same date as your Check-In date.  We recommend that you arrive at least one week prior to the Check-In and Information Seminar date to secure housing.  Prior to the Information Seminar, you may also take the SMC Assessment Test.  At the seminar you will receive more in-depth information about campus resources and the academic program.  You will also meet the staff members who will assist you in becoming a successful student at SMC.
Read the 2013-2014 Web Version - Welcome Guidebook for International Students - Revised 12.19.2013.pdf2013-2014 Web Version - Welcome Guidebook for International Students - Revised 12.19.2013.pdf for valuable information about Santa Monica College and how to best prepare for your arrival.