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Appeal Process for Financial Aid Reinstatement

If you have been disqualified from receiving financial aid, either for exceeding the maximum time-frame or for failing to meet the GPA or pace (completion rate) standards, you are entitled to go through the appeal process for financial aid reinstatement. Federal law allows schools to approve appeals if injury, illness, death of a relative, or other special circumstances affected a student's ability to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.                


STEP 1)  Meet with a Financial Aid Academic Counselor.

Be prepared to discuss your specific educational goal (AA, vocational certificate, or transfer) and major at the
meeting with the counselor. Together you will create a Financial Aid Educational Plan.

Counseling will be on a drop-in basis at the Counseling Complex near Pearl St. 
Please see the schedule for exact locations.  

Financial Aid Counseling Schedule Spring 2015

  Complete the Appeal for Financial Aid Reinstatement FORM (please type).

STEP 3)  Print out completed form and then sign and date (by hand) before submitting it along with 
              your educational plan and any supporting documents to the SMC Financial Aid Office by the 
              following deadlines:

                                                             For Fall 2014:  December 12, 2014 
                                                             For Spring 2015:  June 8, 2015