Good ​Study Skills to Achieve Success

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Succeeding in the classroom isn’t necessarily hard, but it does take hard work. Here is the formula for success:

  • Read the syllabus to find out when assignments are due, when tests are scheduled, and how grades are determined. Ask questions to clarify doubts!

  • Go to every class. Never miss.

  • Sit near the front in class. It will help you stay focused.

  • Find a study partner or group in every class.

  • Take good notes. After every class, rework/rewrite/ reorganize your notes to increase your retention of the information. Start studying for every exam at least 7 days in advance. Don’t cram at the last minute — it usually doesn’t pay off.

  • At the beginning of each semester, ask yourself:

    • Do I understand what is expected of me in each class?

    • Do I have contact information for someone in every class to study with or contact in case I’m sick?

  • Study 2 hours for every hour you are in class.

  • Manage your time wisely.

  • Never let a week go by where you don’t understand the content in your courses.

  • If you are confused or lost in a class, visit your professor, go to a help lab or study with a friend. Use your campus resources — they are there to help you.

Adapted from Student Guide to Creating a Successful College Experience (Gallup-Purdue Index)