Full or Near Full-Time Attendance is Key

It is all about completing set milestones. Here are some thing to keep in mind:

  • Time is money, both in college costs and delayed earning power.

  • In most cases, students will need to successfully complete a minimum of 15 units per semester in order to get an Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement and transfer in two years.

    • The typical degree and transfer requirements patterns require 60 units, which is 15 units over four semesters.

    • Certificates of Achievement range between 18 and 40+ units, taking you anywhere between 2 to four semesters.

  • Set yourself a goal for how many units you need to take per term and stick to it! Here is something to consider:

    • Full-Time Attendance Goal: 30 units by the end of Year 1; 60 units by the end of Year 2.

    • Part-Time Attendance Goal: 20 units by the end of Year 1; 40 units by the end of Year 2; 60 units by the end of Year 3.

      • Take 6-9 units each fall and spring semesters, and 3-4 units every summer and winter.

  • If you cannot attend full-time, take as many units as possible, but do it throughout the year. SMC offers courses during the Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. There are full-term classes, and many​ short-term classes in the fall and spring semesters for you to choose from.

  • Work to identify the best major for you by the end of your first year — and once you have a plan, stick with it.

  • Meet with a counselor or use MyEdPlan to develop an education plan that will show you exactly what courses you need and the order in which you need to take them.