Know Your Deadlines

Term Dates​ & Deadlines


  • Read the cours​e syllabus and input class-specific deadlines on your mobile's calendar. Set a reminder a few days ahead.

  • If you must drop a class, be sure to do so by the specific deadline. Simply login to Corsair Connect and you will see these deadlines on your semester class schedule. 

  • If you are thinking of dropping a class, check with a counselor before you do. Let them help you make an informed decision.

  • Missing the deadline will mean you will not get a refund; you will get a W on your transcript; or you get an F if you stop attending. 

  • There could be a financial consequence for withdrawing from a class if you receive financial aid. Check with a Financial Aid representative before you drop.

  • While an instructor may drop you for nonattendance or nonparticipation in the class, some may opt not to do that and will assign ​you an F for the class. You are responsible for all enrollment and course deadlines. 

  • Review the Enrollment/Class Dates and Deadlines on the SMCGO app. Add these to your phone by clicking "Add to Calendar."