Tips to Getting Involved

Getting involved and being a part of campus life is an important component of your development, not to mention the important skills you will develop to get you ready for transfer or to enter the workplace! Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Work part-time on campus or get an internship where you can apply what you are learning in the classroom. On-campus work provides you with additional mentoring opportunities, and allows you to practice skills that enhance your resumé, not to mention helping you with college expenses.

  • Co-curricular activities are a great way to explore your interests and meet new people; but don’t let your campus involvement, leadership positions, and volunteering get in the way of your academics!

  • Volunteer. It’s a great way to do something for you while doing something important for someone else. You also can apply what you learn in class as you give back to the community.

  • Consider an internship. Visit the Career Services Center to learn about hundreds of options.

  • Consider study abroad. Increase your world view. Many opportunities exist to visit other countries as part of the SMC Study Abroad Program during the Summer and Winter terms and during spring break. Don't think you can aford it? Study abroad scholarships are sometimes available.

  • Practice your leadership skills. Employers are looking for people who can lead from day one. College gives you many opportunities to build your skills so you can be ready when it’s time for a job.

Adapted from Student Guide to Creating a Successful College Experience (Gallup-Purdue Index)