​SMC “Sticker” Pack Contest

Stickers are a great way to showcase your SMC pride and excitement! Submit your PNG, GIF, or JPG design by November 1. Winning designs will be announced November 15. Make those images pop! The top 50 stickers will be added to the SMC Sticker Pack, available through SMC GO, our college app. Sticker Packs may be used in the iOS Message app and in Facetime.  ​

All winning designs will be listed on the SMC GO website with attribution to the designer. All participants submitting an image selected for the final Sticker Pack will be ​entered into a contest for a $200 gift card at the SMC Bookstore.

Submit Your Design​​

Technical Requirem​ents for Each Submission

Each image must meet the following requirements:

  • Relate to SMC in some way (be creative!)

  • Maximum file size of 500KB 

  • Width and height between 100 and 1000 pixels (images do not need to be square)

  • Image must be submitted as PNG, GIF, or JPG formats AND as a vector file (thus, two files must be submitted).

  • Animated stickers are a great way to add engaging, unique content to the sticker pack (GIF and PNG formats are supported)

Ensure your stickers have defined borders and are clearly legible when used in different sizes and orientations, and against different backgrounds​. You will be asked to provide a title and a brief description of how your image relates to SMC.


Need Help?

Apple provides guidelines​ to consider when creating stickers. The SMC Marketing Department has also created SMC Style Guide​​ you may find helpful when considering your design or color scheme.

​What kinds of designs are we looking for?​

Be creative! We are open to ideas. We want you and other students to use them after all!

If you are branding the design with "SMC", you could create something for SMC events, holidays, or general SMC-themes. We are looking for variety.  Here are some ideas:

  • ​VIP Welcome Day

  • Graduation

  • Club Row

  • Homecoming

  • Pico the Pirate

  • Corsairs

  • Campus landmarks

  • SMC Pendant​​ 

  • Got a Class

  • ​New Year's

  • Happy Birthday

  • Beach

  • Sunny SMC Day​

  • Vote

  • Halloween

  • Thanksgiving​ 

  • Tests/Homework

  • I ❤️ SMC

​Contest Rules

Submissions may be used in the SMC GO Sticker Pack and in other media – including online, print, on merchandise, and other visual collateral. Following are the official contest rules:

  • Each entrant must be a currently enrolled student. [SMC staff members are welcome to submit their designs but cannot be entered into the student prize drawing.]

  • Individuals or teams may submit no more than five entries (a separate entry form must accompany each submission).

  • All submitted work must be the original work of the entrant(s) and must not include, be based on, or derived from any pre-existing or third-party designs, trademarks, or copyrighted images.

  • All entries will become the property of Santa Monica College. By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees that any and all intellectual property rights in the design are deemed assigned to Santa Monica College.

  • Except where prohibited by law, an entry submission into this contest constitutes permission to use the winner’s name, likeness,​ prize information, and information provided on the entry form for publicity purposes, without further permission or compensation. 

  • SMC reserves the right to modify the winning images to better fit the needs of the project.

  • The decisions of the Selection Committee will be final.

  • All winning designs will be listed on the SMC GO website with attribution to the designer. 

Selection Criteria

A Selection Committee will evaluate all entries based on the following criteria (though other criteria may be considered):

  • Relevance – Does the entry align with the goals of the project?

  • Originality – Does the composition exhibit original design, creativity, and imagination?

  • Aesthetic Quality – Does the submission command attention? Does it display visual balance and color coordination? Do all the elements work together to create a unified and appealing design?