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Santa Monica College|Enrollment Development|Admissions|High School Concurrent Enrollment Program

High School Concurrent Enrollment Program

*Use the High School Concurrent Enrollment Packet link below to obtain instructions and all required forms.

*Use the following  HSCE Special Consideration Enrollment Application form below if the perspective student has not completed the 8th grade.

Special Consideration Enrollment Application

About our High School Concurrent Enrollment Program

  • High School Concurrent Enrollment allows high school students the opportunity to enroll in courses at Santa Monica College for educational enrichment. 

  • The purpose of the program is to provide "advanced scholastic educational enrichment opportunities to eligible high school students.  (Education Code, Section 48800 and 76002).


  • Effective Spring 2015, participating concurrent enrollment students are exempted from enrollment fees and non-resident tuition, if they are physically attending a high school in California.

  • Out-of-State students do not qualify for the fee exemption.

  • High School students are required to pay for parking, course materials, books, and health fees. The Student ID fee is optional but must be paid for by the student if they wish to receive it.

 Program Requirements and Limitations

  • The​ student must have completed the 8th grade or equivalent by the beginning of the term they wish to attend.

  • Must take the SMC English assessment test and place into Level B English (English 21A or higher) in order to participate in the program. Students may be waived from this requirement if they plan on taking courses that do not require an English skills level assessment. Examples include studio art, dance, performance, language and some other classes; check the catalog for details. If the course requires an assessment skills level of College English, you must take the assessment test and score appropriately in order to enroll in that class.  
  • Must take the SMC Math Assessment test if you are taking a course with a Math prerequisite or advisory (see the Schedule of Classes or College Catalog for this information). This includes most math classes, Chemistry and Physics. ​

  • Students are limited to six units, or two classes, per semester or term.

  • Students will not be allowed to take courses in subject areas where the student previously received a grade below a C, whether taken at the college or high school level, as the program's purpose is to provide enrichment rather than remedial work.

  • High School Concurrent Enrollment students may not participate in college extra-curricular activities while attending SMC.​

  • Be sure to prepare for the placement tests, bring a valid photo ID with you when you test.  Find out the Assessment Center's testing hours and other information here​.

Credit Awarded through Concurrent Enrollment

  • Credit awarded for courses taken at Santa Monica College may be used to satisfy high school subject or credit requirements, as defined by the student's high school.

  • Should a student wish to forfeit the college credit, he/she must file the College Credit Forfeiture Request form within the first two weeks of the term.  This decision is not reversible

Differences between the SMC High School Concurrent Enrollment Program and Dual Enrollment Program 

  • The High School Concurrent Enrollment program allows high school students to take college level courses on the Santa Monica College campus, whereas students participating in our Dual Enrollment program take courses at a limited number of high schools, by special arrangement.

For questions about our High School Concurrent Enrollment Program, contact

Mr. Cael Edwards
(310) 434-4447