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High School Concurrent Enrollment Program

High School Concurrent Approval Form (Click here to retrieve form)

High School Concurrent Enrollment allows high school students the opportunity to enroll in courses at Santa Monica College for educational enrichment.  The purpose of the program is to provide "advanced scholastic educational enrichment opportunities for a limited number of eligible pupils," as defined by Education Code, Section 48800 and 76002.
All students participating are responsible for enrollment fees. In addition to enrollment fees, students are responsible for non-resident tuition (if applicable) plus the mandatory student health fee still apply.
Note: The student must have completed the 8th grade or equivalent by the beginning of the term they wish to attend. Students are limited to six units, or two classes, per semester.  Students will not be allowed to take courses in subject areas that the student previously received a grade below a C, whether taken at the college or high school level, as the program's purpose is to provide enrichment rather than remedial work.
Credit awarded for courses taken at Santa Monica College may be used to satisfy high school subject or credit requirements, as defined by the student's high school. Should a student wish to forfeit the college credit, they must file the College Credit Forfeiture Request form within the first two weeks of the term.  This decision is not reversible.
High School Concurrent Enrollment students may not participate in college extra-curricular activities while attending SMC.
What is the difference between the Dual Enrollment program and the High School Concurrent enrollment program?
The High School Concurrent Enrollment program allows high school students to take college level courses on the Santa Monica College campus.  
(High School Concurrent Program Approval Form)
All students must meet the following qualifications:
  • You must have completed the 8th grade by the beginning of the term you are applying to attend.
  • You must take the SMC English assessment test and score into Level B English (English 21A or higher) in order to participate in the program. Students may be waived from this requirement if they plan on taking course (s) that do not require an English skills level assessment. Examples include studio art, dance, performance, language and some other classes; check the catalog for details. If the course requires an assessment skills level of College English, you must take the assessment test and score appropriately in order to enroll in that class.   
  • You must take the SMC Math Assessment test if you are taking a course with a Math prerequisite or advisory (see the Schedule of Classes or College Catalog for this information). This includes most math classes, Chemistry and Physics. 
  • To take Chemistry 10 you will need to take the Math assessment test and score high enough to have met the prerequisite of Math 31.
  • To take a Math class, a student needs to complete the English assessment test (and score into English 21A or higher) AND you'll need to take the Math assessment test and score high enough to have met the course prerequisite (as listed in the Schedule of Classes).
  • To take Psychology (which has a skills advisory for English 1) you will need to take the English assessment test (and score into English 21A or higher).  This class has an advisory for English 1, which means the student should have tested at that level. If a course lists English 1 as a prerequisite, the student must first complete the equivalent of College level English (with a grade of C or better) in order to enroll. 

For more information on the assessment tests or to get the testing schedule go to:  Assessment. (Remember, you will need to have your SMC ID number and present a valid photo ID in order to take the exams.)

Concurrent Enrollment Process Steps (For First Time Applicants)
Step 1:
  • Apply for Admission to Santa Monica College. A student must obtain their college ID number to complete the Concurrent Enrollment process. This process is done on the college website.
  • Click here to start application.
Once you have completed the online application, you will receive a confirmation email with your student ID number. Keep this in a safe place as you will need to use it during the enrollment process.
Now that you have completed your application for Admission, you have a few more steps to complete to qualify for the High School Concurrent Enrollment Program:

Step 2:
You must download, read and complete the High School Concurrent Enrollment Consent  Form. 

  • Read and fill out the form completely and don't forget to sign it on both sides; be sure to write your SMC ID number in the space provided. You must have an id number to proceed.
  • Be sure to read both sides of the form thoroughly as your signature indicates you have read and understood the terms and conditions outlined therein.
  • Obtain the signatures from your parent(s);
  • Have your high school counselor fill out and sign off on which courses they are approving you to take. The student and the counselor must choose appropriate coursework together. Specific courses must be chosen, as listed in the SMC catalog. 
  • Have your high school principal sign the form to approve your participation; All signatures are required in   order for the application to be processed.
  • Students are not permitted to enroll in courses in subject areas that the student previously received a grade below a C, whether taken at the college or high school level. In addition, student are not allowed to enroll in physical education courses. This is SMC policy, as stipulated in the High School Concurrent Enrollment application. No exceptions to these rules are permitted.
Students participating in this program are subject to six units, or two classes, whichever comes first. If a student enrolls in one class but enrollment into a second class takes them over the six unit limit, they need to come to the Admissions and Records office with a photo ID and the add code (obtained from the instructor) for that second class to be added.                                                                                                                            
Step 3:
Bring signed forms, and related information to the SMC Office of Admissions and Records to complete the admissions process.  What to bring?
  • A copy of your most current high school transcript or, if completing 8th grade, your most recent report card;
  • The completed High Concurrent Enrollment Forms
  • The results of your SMC English assessment test (when applicable) and Math assessment test (when applicable);
  • A picture ID (you will not be processed without it).  Note:  you must come in person if you wish to be processed immediately and to know if you have been approved.  Otherwise, forms can be dropped off in the drop box and you will receive an answer and instructions by email.

If approved you will receive a letter via email containing the date and time for you to enroll online via Corsair Connect.

If the form (s) have not been filled out correctly, or are lacking information, it is the student's responsibility to get them completed.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

If you cannot visit the college, you may mail your documents to:

Santa Monica College
Admissions and Records
1900 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica CA 90405 

You will  receive information on the status of your application via email.

Step 4: 
Enroll online (via "Corsair Connect) in the courses for which you have been approved.

Instructions on How To Enroll 
  • You will only be allowed to take the courses for which you have been approved by your high school counselor.
  • SMC HS Concurrent Enrollment students will not be assigned an enrollment date until all documents have been submitted to and approved by the SMC Office of Admissions and Records. If you would like to submit more course choices after you have been approved for the program, a separate enrollment form (duly completed) must be turned in. Remember, you will only be permitted to take 2 classes in total and they must have prior approval by your counselor.
  • Please understand that High School Concurrent Students will begin the process of enrolling in class after the regular college population has done so. As a result, some courses may be full. Students are encouraged to continue seeking an enrollment spot via Corsair Connect as long as possible. After the term begins, they may visit the class the first day and ask the instructor if late adds are being permitted and follow their direction.
  • Submission of a High School Concurrent application form does not guarantee that a student will obtain seat (s) in the classes they have been approved to take.
Students who have applied to the  High School Concurrent program in prior semesters must do the following: 
  • Complete a new High School Concurrent application and re-apply online to the college for each term in which they wish to participate.
  • Submit the most up to date high school transcript for the new term.
  • Take assessment test (when necessary). Be certain to check if any assessment tests you have taken are still valid; scores expire one year to the day after the student tests. If the course (s) you are planning to take need a skills assessment and your scores will expire before the term begins, you will need to re-test.     
Summer 2015: Application will be accepted starting May 2015​. Once approved, students may enroll themselves into prescribed classes after  December 19, 2014 at 8am. Students will be notified as to the status of their application.
Fall 2015: Application will be accepted starting May 2015 (Must have Spring grades on transcripts). Once approved, students may enroll themselves into prescribed classes after December 19th, 2014 at 8am. Students will be notified as to the status of their application.
Contact Information
Cael Edwards 
(310) 434-4447